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geojoe 03-29-2005 12:10 AM

Military & Asthma
I have researched my *** off on exercise induced asthma and EIB. I am sorry if this question sounds insignificant but it is very important to me as I plan on joining the military and this may automatically DQ me.
Early in January I had a fever (3 days) that turned into a cold / cough that persisted for about 3 weeks or longer, with residual effects lasting in to february, then late in february I had another cold.
I am pretty sure that the second time there was gurgling and noise in my breathing, according to the doctor he heard something and was more concerned about that, gave me an inhaler. I was concerned about my sinuses initially but I was concerned about sinus blockage, it decreased and got better. I started working out again a couple of weeks later.
I am in good shape but was not conditioned at the time. When I reached a certain level of exertion I got sort of dizzy and quit my workout which was fairly intense. Then I had a breathing issue of not being able to get enough air.
I have had this problem again and every time I run especially when combined with weightlifting. Now I lift first and run after so that I do can complete my workout and experience the symptoms after, previous routine was vice versa. I am really worried that it is Asthma. Is it possible that I am simply suffering from the lasting effects of bronchitis? :confused: :confused:

blondy2061h 03-29-2005 11:02 AM

Re: Military & Asthma
I talked to a military guy when I was about to graduate high school. I had no interest in being in the military, so I immediately told him I was asthmatic. He told me that it's sometimes okay, and asked me how often I take my inhaler. I said everyday. He said that DQ'ed me, but I guess asthma doesn't always DQ you. So maybe even if it is asthma (which, honestly, I would doubt it is) you may be okay.

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