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Ak_Matt 04-04-2005 08:22 AM

Asthma and smoking
Yes, I had history of asthma and smoked too.

I was uninformed.. I never realized how my asthma was allergy induced.. and that there are so many chemicals in cigerette smoke, and those chemicals were actually being stored up in my lungs.. causing attacks when I exherted myself (deep breathing, expanding my lungs more than normal).

Typically my attacks would start with a sneeze.. I would feel my chest tighten, lips/face numbed.. (looked in the mirror and saw my face turns blue..not good). legs got weak, collapse.. seeing stars, sounds were echoed and towards the last stage, I felt my control of bodily functions slipping.. I remember laying there mind slipping off into that dream like state.. and catching myself.. forceing myself to focus.. "I cant let my kids find me like this.. dead.. crapped pants.. focus.. breath.. breath.." I slowly regained my bearings.. maintained control.

I was having attacks daily.. getting worse and worse.. I began taking antihistamines daily (Which really worked) to prevent attacks.. but that was costly.. I began to notice that around some types of cigeretts, the smoke would make me sneeze.. That's when I began put it all together..

It's been 3 years since my last smoke.. I went from daily attacks, of moderate to sever to attacks about 1 in 2 to 3 months and so faint, I barely notice them. Just that one act has drastically help.

So.. if you have asthma, and smoke.. well, I will pass on something that has helped me in many occassions.. "There's a fine line between a hard-***, and a dumb one."

I had smoked for over 20 years.. it took about a dozen tries over the years.. I slept as much as possible through the withdraws.. sleep, eat, work, sleep. Stay out of stores.. and just durring the times when I was VERY agitated, i put on a patch for an hour or two to get past the edgyness.. (any longer tended to make me feel nausious). I used up about 6 patches .. chewed lots of gum.. but I made it..

be well..

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