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susieq14 11-20-2008 08:52 PM

an asthma flare - floradil???
I'm very confused. Saw my pulmonologist today for 6 month check-up. Ironically I've been dealing with a raspy, hoarse voice and on and off nasal congestion and off an on cough sometimes with phlegm for about a month. I was hoping that I would be symptomatic for the doctor to see and sure enough I was. My peak flow was 350 - 400. He said that was way too low.

Doctor said that I was having asthma flare. He even said that my asthma was moderate to severe. I questioned how that could be since I very rarely use my albuterol and when I do it is for a minor congestion not a "gasping for breath" situation. I only had a few of those events years ago during the first year when I was being diagnosed with adult asthma.

I regularly take Singulair at night, one puff of Asmanex morning and night and Fluticasone Nasal Spray every other night.

At first he said he was going to give me a script for prednisone for 10 days which he did. then he asked if I had a spacer and I said no. He went out to the main office and returned with a box of Floradil and gave me one to take in the office and then gave me a box with a 9 day supply and a prescription for it. And instructions to be absolutely sure to take it all and call him if I don't feel better within a week.

Does this sound logical?

I just read the Floradil info sheet and am quite worried about taking it. does anyone here take it? Does all this sound like an asthma flare? I guess I don't understand what flare is.

I never considered myself a bad asthmatic as it doesn't usually bother me. When I do get a cold it always settles in my chest and I definitely feel it. My last spirometry test in April was normal: FEVI was 2.65 and DLCO 101% predicted. When I questioned him , he said my asmanex and singulair were controlling the asthma and without it I would be very sick.

sorry to be rambling but as I said I'm a little confused.

MountainReader 11-21-2008 07:25 PM

Re: an asthma flare - floradil???
I can't speak on the Floradil, but I had a similar incident earlier this summer. I thought I just had some sinus/ allergy problems and was diagnosed as being in a bad asthma flare-up. I ended up on Prednisone also, in addition to my regular Advair, Singulair, Albuterol and allergy meds. Your treatment plan sounds logical to me based upon what you have shared and the experiences I have had.

I did some internet research after that and found out that there are many other signs of asthma that most people don't know much about. I hope this helps.

When these signs appear, people should follow their Asthma Action Plans:

[B]Asthma Early Warning Signs:[/B][LIST][*]This may be part of your YELLOW peak flow [*]itchy chin[*]itchy or sore throat[*]dark under eye circles[*]stuffy, runny or congested nose[*]change in color, amount or thickness of mucus[*]tiredness[*]mood change--grouchy or easily upset/ extra quiet or want to be alone[*]getting excited[*]feeling sad[*]itchy, glassy or watery eyes[*]thirst[*]sneezing[*]stomach ache[*]headache[*]fever[*]restlessness[*]eczema flare-up[*]sweating[*]heartburn[*]change in face color- pale or flushed[*]throat clearing[*]restlessness[*]heart beating faster[*]trouble sleeping/ waking at night[*]yawning[*]rubbing nose a lot[*]breathing changes[*]funny feeling in chest[*]dry mouth[*]poor exercise tolerance[*]weakness[*]mouth breathing[/LIST][B]Asthma Attack Signs[/B][LIST][*]Coughing[*]wheezing both in and out[*]difficulty breathing[*]breathing faster than normal[*]chest tight or hurting[*]out of breath easily[/LIST][B]Severe Asthma Attack[/B]
These danger sings would be in your RED peak flow and requires emergency medical care[LIST][*]severe coughing or wheezing[*]short rapid breaths[*]difficulty talking, can't speak in full sentences[*]lips and fingernails turning blue and/or tingling[*]anxiety or panicky[*]pale, sweaty face[*]tightening neck and chest muscles[*]chest pain[*]nostrils flare when breathing[*]skin around ribs sucks in when breathing[*]trouble walking
trouble concentrating[*]fast heartbeat[*]Hunched shoulders (posturing)[/LIST]

singerja1999 11-21-2008 09:00 PM

Re: an asthma flare - floradil???
All of the things you mentioned are a part of asthma. I have all of them too. I don't really think of them as an asthma flare because they are each day and everyday. I was put on a special food plan to cut the phlem and reduce the cough. I have only been on it for 1 week and I noticed a difference almost immediately.
My thoughts about asthma flare ups are when I am struggling to breathe. That is just my diefinition. Good luck, Jackie

susieq14 11-29-2008 05:56 AM

Re: an asthma flare - floradil???
Hello Mountain Reader and Jackie,
I apologize for not answering your very thougtful posts much earlier. I don't know where the week has gone.

Since I last wrote, I've been feeling both better and worse. As the week-end progressed I was feeling kind of light-headed but Monday I was feeling really awful - very light-headed and woozy, breathless when talking and could hardly talk above a whisper. I called the pulmonologist from work and was hoping he'd see me but he just said to continue with the foradil and prednisone. I thought they were making me feel worse so I asked if I could just take the foradil at nite and he said no. Well I did not take it on Tuesday or Wednesday morning because I couldn't deal with another day like Monday - kind of hard to commute and put in a solid day of work when you feel like I did. I was able to function a little better and since I had the long week-end off I have since gone back to my morning dose of foradil Thursday and Friday and today. Today was my last dose of prednisone.

I've been getting some better readings on my peak flow but still do not feel "really better". I'm going to call the pulmo on Monday because I don't know when I am supposed to stop the foradil. I'm hoping he will let me come in so he can listen to my breathing and see if the wheezing is gone.

I guess I also need to become a little better educated about my asthma. That was a quite a list of symptoms MountainReader! thanks for sharing. Like you I also have bad reflux which my pulmo says is causing my asthma. At my first visit with him in October 06, he suggested that I see a surgeon about the Nissen. My former GI and now my new GI doctor have never mentioned this to me. By the way MR how are you feeling since your surgery?

Jackie - do you have reflux? how is that diet working for you? what exactly do you have to avoid to cut the phglem?

I wish you both well!

MountainReader 11-29-2008 10:04 AM

Re: an asthma flare - floradil???

Ironically, it was my Pulmonologist who recommended the Nissen for me after results from some of my testing. I ended up back with my GI doc to try a bunch of other non-surgical approaches before finally going the surgical route. I had a really bad asthma attack in January. I had a rough winter after that. Beginning in June and all the way through September, I had a horrible chronic cough that was caused by my reflux and the reflux triggering asthma attacks. This while I was being treated with double dose PPI's and watching my diet. I ended up on steroids several times. For me, deciding on the surgery for the reflux really was in response to the out of control asthma.

I had the surgery 8 weeks ago. So far, I have only used my Albuterol once on a cold night. (Cold triggers my asthma also.) After 4 months of using the Albuterol regularly, I've been very happy. I have had some digestive issues that are remaining as I heal from the surgery though.

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