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Hannah2605 02-21-2017 04:58 AM

Signs of autism?
Hi everyone. My first post on here :)
My son is 14 months old and I believe he is showing some signs of autism. I really want an outside point of view.
Signs are
He flaps his arms
He has no interest in other children
He doesn't point or wave but he does clap.
Doesn't look if I point at something..will just look at my hand.
He has an obsession with wheels or anything that goes around.
He hasn't said any words beside mama which he does not say to me..he will say it randomly whilst doing something.
Obsessed with a certain baby tv channel..he won't watch anything else but that channel.
He's very fussy with food and only eats what he recognises.
He does look at me in the eyes but no where near as much as a child his age should.
He doesn't respond to his name.
I took him to the doctors to get his hearing checked as my brother mentioned that he could be deaf due to him ignoring anyone that talks to him
He was sitting up early though..he crawled at 9 months and walking at 12 months. His physical development is fine.
And he does laugh and smile.
I just know that something isn't quite right.
He's in his own world most of the time.
He will literally take no notice of children..completely oblivious to them being there.

What does everyone think?
Are they signs of autism?
I really want to get him diagnosed early if it's autism.
Thanks everyone x

yayagirl 02-21-2017 05:36 AM

Re: Signs of autism?
Hi Hannah,

There is no way to definitely diagnose a child with autism under age 18-24 months. Usually it is not diagnosed till entering school. Factors like how much the baby is around other children and interacted with makes a huge difference in any child's development.

Love him up and smile and talk to him and give him personal attention meanwhile, then see a doctor when he is a year and a half old and get an initial evaluation. You can help a baby develop by socializing with him yourself and always looking at him into his eyes, regardless what his diagnosis becomes.

Hoping for the best,

davdt 02-21-2017 05:41 AM

Re: Signs of autism?
I don't want to alarm you and you shouldn't be alarmed as shades of autism aren't necessarily a bad thing. In fact, some of the most successful businesspeople in the world exhibit autistic symptoms.

With that said, some of the stuff you mention sounds like autism. In particular, the lack of eye contact and the lack of social interest. But it also might be that you saw anti-social signs and read into a lot of the other stuff. Or it could be delayed social development.

Do any of his relatives/family display autistic signs? That would make me more inclined to look into it.

Anyway, best of luck and don't be too worried about it. :)

Hope2Heal 12-31-2020 08:11 PM

Re: Signs of autism?
Yes it does sound like ASD, however, that is not a bad thing because most kids nowadays have so much access to interventions that they recover and have a good prognosis if caught early. your inner gut is telling you something is not right, so listen to it. I do not agree with the wait and see approach. As an educator I have seen amazing progress with kids on the spectrum who had early intervention. Also ADHD can look like autism, as often kids are so distracted by overwhelming stimuli they have a hard time focusing on all of the things around them. Yes, it can be diagnosed by the age of 3, but don't go to your pediatrician. Look into Early Intervention programs in your state and get the free evaluation. They will them provide services if needed.

Best wishes and let us know how it goes.

Titchou 01-01-2021 05:16 PM

Re: Signs of autism?
Ask your pediatrician to recommend a local Early Intervention program. They go up to 3 years old and are free as it's a federal mandate. You can call and get an evaluation which will start him in some therapy and they can move you towards whatever resources may be available in your area for this issue.

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