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Dragonfly Wings 03-24-2017 01:29 PM

Pre-teen son just diagnosed ASD
Hello fellow health board friends,

How are we today? As my thread title reads, my 12yr old son has only just been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder and I would love to hear from others who are experiencing the same things as me. This is all a huge new world opened up and I am very overwhelmed by it all right now. They tell me that if Asperger's was still an official dx, that is what his would be so any books on this would be of benefit to us.

I have suspected this for a long time, actually for as long as I can remember, but I could never get anyone on board for official testing until last year when my cries were heard and he was finally tested.

I would love to make some fellow ASD parent friends if possible :angel: Thanks everyone!

findingwayinwor 08-01-2017 12:17 AM

Re: Pre-teen son just diagnosed ASD
I know how you are feeling. We knew long time ago with our son too but only diagnosed last year at 12 as well. All I can say is find help in your community for your child and your family. Unfortunately we hd a poor experience with someone that could guide us through the processes of helping our son and our family. We have to have medicaid for our son to receive most assistance and cant seem to get approved, but we are on second attempt and someone is finally helping to maximize the chances of obtaining the full help he needs and deserves. So, first advice if not on government medicaid insurance got to Health and Welfare and they can start the process and hope get you all the resources you will all need. And with your son diagnosis you as a parent are entitled to request help for your son while he is in school. You will be surprised what they are required to accommodate in his best interest. They may struggle but you have right and him too, find out what the programs at school and home you can access and use. And you will need help for you too dealing with the daily struggles of being a Spectrum Mom. Wish you luck and all the assistance you and your son needs to function in this often cruel world.

Dragonfly Wings 08-01-2017 12:22 PM

Re: Pre-teen son just diagnosed ASD
Thank you, you too!

It has been a bit of a ride that is for sure! I am quite lucky to be in the health system myself so it was my home care social worker (we live out in the country so they come here), she got funding for us to have my son tested and has then moved forward with getting him other help he needs also.

Our government have been absolutely no help what so ever. Told me his autism, get this, is not bad enough for him to receive any help! I am appalled! My son's paediatrician (private) will be helping me appeal what they have ruled this month.

I will not give up fighting for my son, it has been 13yrs now and he will get what he deserves just like every other special child who needs that bit more help <3

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