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findingwayinwor 08-01-2017 12:06 AM

First Post seeking others that get it.
It has been recommended to me by many clinicians to find and join a Board like this. I am married wife of 21 years and Mom to a 13 yo boy with High Functioning Autism, and 11 yo daughter. Our son has increased struggles for the past couple years beyond the Severe ADHD diagnosed with at 4. Last year his behaviors and actions completely went chaos and none of us knew what the heck. At 4 we where told probably Autism and may have to retest him later which we ended up doing at 12. Our world was complete destruction for quite awhile. Even with the current diagnosis we could not find any help for our son or our family.

Just recently things are starting to look promising. At times people are just plain mean and ignorant. Anyway, long but first attempt at a post. Will get less wordy as I get use to this. LOL If you read, thank you.

Dragonfly Wings 08-01-2017 12:30 PM

Re: First Post seeking others that get it.
Big hugs to you! It sounds as though you and I are travelling a similar path, as you have read on my post you answered. My son also is high functioning with ADHD. ADHD was diagnosed years before anyone would listen to me about the ASD also.

I am sorry you're having a hard time finding help too :( Us Mothers get taken for granted a bit too much I think!

All the best to you! I really do wish you, and yours, the very best and hope things begin to pick up for you soon!

P.S: I am not a part of any support groups or anything like that. There is not much out our way.

Sinua 10-20-2017 01:27 AM

Re: First Post seeking others that get it.
I do get it
.. I am 39 years old and am autistic living on own for first time ever with no help at all it is just struggles most all the time

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