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Wasteidd 08-10-2017 05:18 AM

Is this ASD or ADHD or something else

I have a 2.5 year old son. He stayed with us at home till now. He is a very happy person in general. We started him in full time day care 3.5 weeks back. He cried first 2 weeks and did not want to leave the teacher at any point of time.
Week 3 he was fine and happy. Week 4 he started crying again and this time he says bye bye at day care for most of the time and walks behind the teacher to pick him up. (The teacher said she has other kids to take care of and she cannot attend to him the whole day). When he is there he does not talk to anyone, play with toys or fellow kids.

He doesn't play with kids anyways. He acknowledges that they are there in the room but does not show interest in playing with them. He usually plays on his own not even next to them. When he was young, he used to cry if he sees kids. Now it has become better. He doesn't participate in group time and stands outside and watches them. (This is a great concern for his teacher)

He doesn't eat well even at home. He eats some days but want only liquids other days. He doesn't eat at all at day care.

Another complain from the teacher is he doesn't sit still in one place. He has to roam around. At home we don't have a strict routine of doing things. He plays and walks around and we feed him. We did not set any boundaries. I don't know if that is the issue.

He can talk in 2-3 word sentences. He is learning new words daily. He has a good memory power. At home he sings, talks and plays. He also wants to get our attention. He shows emotions, asks for stuff he needs. If he cannot tell what he wants, he takes us there and points to it. When someone is crying or angry, he also shows emotions and get angry. At school he does not ask for anything. He does not talk. As soon as he gets into the car, he asks for food and start singing rhymes.

When we take him to a playground, he plays well. When we take him to a grocery store, he runs around.

After playing with toys for a while, he sometimes throw them.

He is friendly with family members and strangers. He only has problem with kids his age or younger than him. He is sometimes scared of babies too.

The day care teacher want him to get evaluated. I don't know if you guys see any red flags or he just has issues that he is away from us. We have his pediatrician appointment next week. We will talk to her about this too. I don't know if he is lagging in any areas.

Thank you for your help in advance.

Wasteidd 08-10-2017 05:21 AM

Re: Is this ASD or ADHD or something else
Also some more updates. He responds to his name 75% of the time. If we give him any instructions, he follows them when he wants to. He doesn't do it always. We don't speak English at home but I don't know if that is also an issue at day care.

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