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rajiv1997 12-16-2017 07:20 PM

I live and breathe videos. I forget to eat, drink, bathe while am watching anime. Basically I latch on to things/ideas/fads very easily and have a hard time letting go. I'm unable to distribute my time to other activities.

I believe I've an addictive personality and not so much a specific addiction. I'm not addicted to alcohol, drugs, tobacco or porn. But at any given time, I'm addicted to some aspect of life (thing, idea, fad)

I binge watch videos

Oh yes, I flap my hands and pace and I'm on the autism spectrum. I work 20 hrs a week at a local car wash so I'm a functioning autistic.

I flap my hands and pace (stimming) upon the excitement from videos and frustrations of returning back to earth to attend to "real life" issues. I get annoyed when I have to leave my watching and do something in the real world. I could work more than 20 hrs a week, but I think my addiction is preventing me from putting in more hours.

Has anyone else experienced this level of addiction? and is there a medication to address this?. I need chemical help. Counseling and therapy is not gonna work.. I'm autistic. I don't "engage" with people to benefit from counseling or psychobabble.

tammykinz 03-10-2018 06:14 PM

re: Addicted
Meet with a psychiatrist. There are def medications for obsessive types of symptoms and disorders. I would say CBT as well.

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