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JustaDad 08-27-2003 06:40 AM

Need input re: Kindergarten/CCK
Hi- could use some input here.

Wy wife and I have called a meeting wuth the teacher regarding my 5yo son who has been diagnosed with HF Autism spectrum. He exhibits aural comprehension issues, has problems paying attention & listening, etc. He also reads on a second grade + level and processes math very quickly.

We have an IEP, and (we thought) worked it to advantage for him. The assigned him to a school with a reputation for excellence with challenged children, and assigned him to a CCK class which would theoretically (and we got this in writing) be able to develop his social/class skills while feeding his brain- and mainstream him into Kindergarten as quickly as feasible.

The teacher we got, unfortunately, is fresh out of college, and seems to lack experience necessary to handle a HF autistic kid. Louie has had two recesses taken away from him in the last three days and is in timeout constantly- mostly because he has trouble focusing on the "T is for Turtle" book he read two years ago. He's bored stiff. He has trouble paying attention (OF COURSE-- sorry, frustrated) and is being punished for it. We're now having to pump him up when he comes home to keep his little self esteem high.

I must be missing something here. They specifically assigned him to this school to avoid these things. I don't know if I need to "learn the teacher" and stick it out, or call down another IEP and get this fixed. I run the risk of alienating the teacher after only two weeks if I bring the administration down on her.

Any advice welcome.

cymomtx 08-27-2003 07:21 AM

"punishments" for AS students have to be well thought out has to how appropriate it is and the benefits received. I would call an immediate conf to discuss this.

Pandabaire3 08-27-2003 09:26 AM

You have every right to call an immediate IEP meeting to discuss this issue and I highly recommend you do! Remember, this isn't about appeasing the teacher - this is about YOUR SON and what you need to do to get him to learn at his best abilities. Obviously whatever this teacher is doing is not working - personally, if I were in the same boat, I wouldn't hesitate to request he be given a teacher with more experience with children like him.

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cutup 08-27-2003 08:37 PM

I read somewhere that one of the biggest mistakes parents make is trying to be too much of a friend to school personnel and not wanting to make waves. My husband and I have been guilty of this We thought if we were friendly to these people and try to get along and not be too hard on them maybe they would be more likely to see to it that our son got what he needed. My son wasn't getting his speech as was written in his IEP. We hated to complain because we liked the speech pathologist and didn't want to get her into trouble. We finally decided that we had to do what was best for our son and actually filed a complaint with the state board of education and won. I would try to nip this thing in the bud before it gets worse.

It isn't time that heals all wounds, it's what you do with that time. Dr. Phil

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