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Personal experience with Autism. Help!

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Old 10-10-2005, 03:33 PM   #1
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Grady'sMom HB User
Question Personal experience with Autism. Help!

Can anyone with an autistic child give me insight.
From the moment they wake up until the are asleep for the night. What was your day like? What behaviors led you think something might be wrong?
I am scared to death. I have read about so many different autistic behaviors and physical traits. My 2yr old son talks some not as much as he should. He hums/moans a lot. He has really long eyelashes. He often walks around on his tippy toes. When called by name he responds (by stopping or turning around and looking at who ever called his name) about 30% of the time. He loves Veggie Tales and always wants to watch one of his movies. They have since been replaced by Baby Einstein movies. He does spin in circles get dizzy and falls down. All kids do that don't they. He has great motor skills and is a great climber. He has unbelievable balance. Sometimes he seems to be in his own world he starts laughing and giggling and we can't figure out what he is laughing at. He hugs and gives kisses. How ever he won't look at my Mother at all. He makes eye contact with mom, dad, and his sister who is six. He gets really excited when my best friend brings her son (4yrs.) over. He runs up and wants to play.
A lot of these behaviors are exhibited by normal children.
I am really confused. I would be grateful for any help or opinions. [/FONT] [/FONT]

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lillyfire25 HB User
Re: Personal experience with Autism. Help!

My son didn't say his first word until he was 2. It was "Raa" for rock. He was in his own world and would dribble things like dirt or rocks and watch it fall from his fingers for hours if we let him. He did't show any interest in any other children, and showed little interest in palying with us. However, he is 4 1/2 now, and has made so many improvements! He actually said "I Love you too" for the first time last week!! I almost fell over!

I first felt like something was wrong around 18 mo - 2. Doctors said he would catch up, bla bla bla. It wasn't until he was 3 1/2 that he got a diagnosis. However, after I had my daughter, who is 2, I see how different he was since birth. He was a dream baby.... never fussed, but also never snuggled, sought us out, etc. I sometimes wish I would have had my daughter first so I would have noticed something was not right sooner and maybe we could have gotten the intervention we needed earlier.

He just started ABA therapy and things have been going great! I love that little man so much, and he has taught me so much about life and love!

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off kilter
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Re: Personal experience with Autism. Help!

My son is 7&1/2 I found your question amazing and wished I had asked it years ago. Our kids are as different as any other group of kids. My son is severly affected so I can give you some perspective from that end. We knew paul had autism when he was only a few months old. he started early intervention and 36 hours a week in home ABA & floor time around a year. He was still very lost at two. only babbled a few sounds over and over. His face looking back at video was very flat , it took alot of work to get a smile. When we tried to play peek a boo with a bath towel he would just put the towel over his head and stand there like a towel rack. X-mas video we took when he was two shows a little boy standing 15 ft away from everyone looking out a window while the excitement of opening presents is going on. Now he is a laughing ,smiling,happy kid. great eye contact. Paul still does not speak but uses signs,body lang. and gets his point across. If you knew nothing about autism and saw him at a park you would think he was deaf, because of the signing. Paul is not potty trained he does go potty when we take him but won't tell us if he has to go and wears a pullup. On a day to day basis some things are eaiser others are harder as he ages. It's kind of like having a huge 18 month old. As problem behaviors come up -Like flopping on the street at intersections, or getting into his pullup to play with caca with the help of his school we have been able to stop or at least cut way down on those things. Our house is so clean .Paul will get into anything and put it in his mouth so we keep a spotless house not a piece of paper or knic knac in sight. My friends envy the clean lines in our house often commenting on how you can eat off the floors. Paul's typical days he sleeps well and gets up at 6 coming down stairs to watch TV. He has shows that are favorites and we put one on. While watching TV he plays a electronic drum set, kind of his routine. He eats a big breakfast at the table drinking from a cup with a straw. he still can't seem to get the concept of sipping from a open cup with outspilling. he does wipe his mouth with a napkin. He just graduated to showers from baths which is great as the floor stays dryer. In Paul's case he needs me to wash his hair and soap him up. Paul does follow simple directions like sit down,turn around,pick it up, so he is easy to work with. I help him dress like starting pants on feet and he Pulls them up he just learned to pull up the back. Paul is alot of work we have to eyeball him all the time to see if he's getting into anything. His added size and height has made child proofing a adventure. He leaves for school at 7:30am. With school we are very lucky, there is no problems with him fitting in or teachers not knowing how to handle him. he attends The May Institute a school that has been around for 50 years ,is ABA based and all 50 children in his school have a primary diagnoses of Autism. It's a day program M-F 8:30 till 3pm.It runs 12 months of the year with only 3 real breaks a week for X-mas.week for 4th of July and a week for Labor day. He does not have a Feb. or April vacation. He has thrived at school with 1.5 teachers for every kid in his classroom.After school it's back to his beloved drums, supper and bedtime. Paul eats well,sleeps well and is very good natured. Paul is a handful we have poison control on speed dial. Glass in picture frames have been replaced with plexiglass. The safer our house is the less stress on us. Every kid with autism is different but speaking as a Mom who's child is severly affected My biggest fears when Paul was 2 were based on the way autism was portrayed in film and books and I was scared to death. Paul lives in Pauly land and wherever it is, it is a very happy place to be. Every Sat. I have Paul for 12 hours straight while Dad works and more then once I've been reduced to tears by Paul's antics. A very good friend pointed out my worse days don't seem to be based on Paul's behavior being different but more on my ability to cope being different. Little things like PMS,lack of sleep,having a cold or my favorite seeing a typically developing child of 2 run circles around my 7 year old ,can reduce my ability to keep a positive atitude so I try on bad days to remember Paul is Paul and my job is to parent him best as I can & To love him for who he is. ( Hard to do when I find him and his room covered with CaCa and he has that look ofThis is great, what fun I'm having look on his face) For the future Paul will be attending the same school as he does now till he is 21 but around age 14 or 15 he will live at school M-F learning how to be as independent as possible so at 21 he can move into a assisted living apt. owned by his school. As your child gets older and you get a better ideal of how autism affects him it will be eaiser to plan for the future. My son will never live independenly but we are planning for him to have as content and safe a life as possible. On the other end of the Spectrum, My sons Dr. who recently did his hernis repair has autism so go figure? Autism is a spectrum disorder where your child falls on the spectrum is had to know in a 2 year old.

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Grady'sMom HB User
Wink Re: Personal experience with Autism. Help!

Thank you for taking the time to share that with me. It helped alot. I would love to talk with you more. Have you read about the evidence that a mercury-based preservative in the vaccines -- thimerosal -- being responsible for autism and other neurological disorders among children? The Amish don't vaccinate and there isn't one case of Autism among the Amish community!!!! I have done a lot of research on this and found something else . Iatrogenic exposure to mercury after hepatitis B vaccination in preterm infants- 15 preterm and 5 term infants mercury levels measured before and after the administration of the vaccination. Post-vaccination mercury levels were significantly increased in both preterm and term infants. Additionally post-vaccination mercury levels were more than three times higher in the preterm compared to the term infants.
My 2yr old son was 6 weeks premature 4lbs,6oz. just a little guy. He was given this vaccine.!

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JonsDad HB User
Re: Personal experience with Autism. Help!

Our son had a reaction to the MMR shot at 13 months and completely shut down. He had a fever and in two weeks time went from being an active, noisy child, to sitting in a corner and not making a sound. This went on for six months. He has been in a CARD program for two years, doing intense ABA therapy and has improved a lot. He still does not talk at all, but will again make sounds, and hum songs. He understands almost everything we tell him. He isn't interested in interacting with others, so that sounds good if your son is doing that. He doesn't play imaginatively (pushing a toy truck around and making truck noises, or pretending he is a dinosaur, etc.). To me, that is the biggest indicator. Our son only plays with puzzles and then in a very robotic way, though he is a genius with puzzles. The only t.v. he'll watch is a Baby Bumblebee or another one he has memorized. For those of you whose children have language issues, I stongly recommend Baby Bumblebee videos. In most other respects our son has very little typical behaviors. He is very affectionate. He can dress himself, is potty trained, etc. He is four, by the way. He is starting to do some things incorrectly just to get attention. Sometimes he can match a word, but will pick the wrong one on purpose and start laughing, or he will do something he knows is wrong (first making sure someone is watching) and laugh. I would say, above all, check the type of interaction and playing your child does.

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Re: Personal experience with Autism. Help!

I noticed my son around 18 months. He lost his speech that he once learned. He began holding his ears constantly. and was obsessive about things and linning things up in rows. My doctor mentioned testing him for autism. When he said that I did alot of research and relized he had many symoptoms that I didnt relize before. He does many of the traditional things hand flapping head banging,no socialazation ect. Hes now 3. were only known about 8 months now. Its still hard to accept. But hes been in therapy which has done him wonders and hes signing a little bit now too. Its better to know as soon as pos that way you can begin treatment.

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