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xxinxsxx 10-15-2006 04:09 AM

I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
About a yr ago now my partener was diagnosed mild AS.Back then i just thought it was just a person that is easly lead and though nothing more of it as never heard of it b4.My partner also didn't look more into it.But now after a row my partner had with my parents she told them in anger.I new about 6 mnths ago but didn't tell them as i thought she should and also she told me she would.Now my parent and sister have said i wont be able to cope and should leave her.But i can't i love her she is the one for me.After looking on the net some of the thing i have read sound like my partner but i think they all go on a person with A.S and not a person that has a mild form .I am so scared. I wnt everyone to be happy and suportive.I don't no what to do.PLEASE HELP ME.

GatsbyLuvr1920 10-15-2006 06:04 AM

Re: I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
Asperger's is an autistic [I]spectrum[/I] disorder, meaning that your partner may have many symptoms on the checklist, but only have them mildly. There is no cause for worry. Your partner's Asperger's is what gives her talents and uniqueness. Asperger's can be a very positive condition. If the person can overcome the deficits it brings, the wonderful gifts can be allowed to shine. Even though I struggle many days, even though I often feel that I will never succeed, I would never wish away my Asperger's. I'm proud of being an Aspie. It makes me, me. I feel no shame in it whatsoever. Us Aspies are pretty awesome people to know; yes, we may be high-maintenance at times, but the beneficial symptoms certainly outweigh the problematic ones. Good luck, God bless, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask! :angel:

marissamm 10-15-2006 06:31 AM

Re: I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
aspergers is no big deal did you read gastybyluvr (sp) post she has aspergers and she knows first hand what it is like there are also other adults on this board with it,they can be of great help to you and your partner and they are very knowledgeable of aspergers, if you love her than learn about aspergers togetheryou might have to educate other people about it,but be supportive and it doesn't matter about what others think and maybe she got mad at your parents because she is grieving the diagnosis.good luck and maybe you can connect her to this board so she can "talk" to everyone especially gastyby and 9cat mom and such great height, they are really knowledgable and know first hand about aspergers.

9CatMom 10-15-2006 08:46 AM

Re: I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
I tend to agree with Gatsby. There are some improvements I would like to make in my life, but generally my Asperger's traits are positive ones. I have a good memory, good organizational skills, a good vocabulary, and a broad general knowledge range. I am still not the most social person in the world, but that has improved greatly over the years. I like being with people if I share common interests with them such as cats and issues related to Asperger's and other medical issues. I don't like small talk and don't feel adept at it. Sometimes I do dumb things I wish I hadn't.

My biggest goals for the future are getting a driver's license and attaining a full time job at the library where I work. My current job is ideal because it uses all of my skills. I also dream of going to London for the 2012 Olympics and meeting my hero, Roger Bannister. He is a hero to me because he has overcome great odds to achieve excellence, both in athletics and medicine. He is also a success in life, having been married over 50 years and achieving many successes. I suspect that Roger Bannister is a very high functioning person with Asperger's. If so, he is a great inspiration to me. I may never achieve anything on the level of Roger Bannister, but he shows that a good life is possible. He also shows that life does get better when you are an adult. As a teenager, he felt like an outcast because he was smart and had different interests than "typical" boys his age. In his 20s, he broke the four minute mile and became a doctor. In his 70s, he still approaches life with the vitality of youth. He is so interesting to me because he is interested in life.

CL2468 10-16-2006 11:48 AM

Re: I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
Don't be scared--get information. [I]Tony Attwood[/I] writes excellent books on the subject of AS. I highly recommend him.

There is no reason to dump your partner just because of AS. Whether your partner has AS or not, what's important is are you both getting what you need from the relationship.

xxinxsxx 10-21-2006 02:34 AM

Re: I'm SCARED my partener has mild AS
I'm saw everything will be fine just wonted to know wot to exspect etc how i can help her and how to under stend her more??

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