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  • seizures and autism

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    Old 01-03-2007, 04:05 PM   #1
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    seizures and autism

    My 12 year old autistic son had a seizure on Saturday night. This was the first time this had happened. Today the neurologist told us that this happens to some autistic kids when they start puberty and he will probably have to go on medication. The only problem is they have to wait for the eeg that will take 3 weeks to get an appointment for. Now I am a wreck. We have to watch him carefully. He even said he might have epilepsy. Has anyone out there dealt with this? Does anyone know what medications are best?

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    Re: seizures and autism

    I suspect I have Asperger Syndrome and take medication for seizures. Luckily, my seizures are under complete control with medication.

    Old 01-03-2007, 06:26 PM   #3
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    Re: seizures and autism

    whoa now thats scarey, ive never heard of autsm and seizures being linked before

    my great greandma had seizures alot, she had over a houndred my dad said but ihave no idea if she was autistic or not, my dad is not but he has all the social habbits of someone who is

    is it that epilepsy can be linekd to autism, or just random seizures?
    Please excuse any gramatical/spelling errors, I have a verbal disability.

    Old 01-04-2007, 06:26 PM   #4
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    Re: seizures and autism

    I have a friend whos dd has seizures and also is Autism w/ severe mental retardation. She started pitching the seizures when she was 5 mos old, right after her DTaP shot and they dx her w/ infantile sizures and told them she would grown out of it and put her on storids, well she never did, they got worse, she takes grand mals and patite mals and is on all kids of meds for the.
    She isn't a classic case, here sizures are all over her brain, they even thought about slitting her brain in half, but can't due to this. She has the Vagal nerve implant and that didn't help
    I don't know if the sizures are related the the Autism or if it is the cause of her MR but I do know she has never gone a day w/o one and she at the age of 12, can say only a few words
    I also believe she has a flat spot on her brain.
    Not that any of this helps you, but I just wanted to say, there are some out their w/ them. perhaps you can do a search and find some site about it, they may have more info.

    Old 01-04-2007, 06:38 PM   #5
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    Re: seizures and autism

    When my son got diagnosed with Autism his paedritician warned me that a large number of children diagnosed with autism do go on to develop seizures towards their teenage years. I dont know how I will cope if I have to cope with that on top of everything else.

    Old 01-04-2007, 06:52 PM   #6
    Liz Cook
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    Re: seizures and autism

    our doctor told us when our son was diagnosed with autism that 1 in 4 people with autism develope seizure disorder... i am sure that that statistic is probably a little off now that the diagnosis for autism has become so loose. it is more closely related to the people who have moderate to more severe autism/aspergers.

    having a seizure disorder is scary. we are constantly watching my son because he is having "symptoms" of a seizure disorder but the type of seizures he "may" be having are more absences and really mild and quick tremors. his eeg came back as "abnormal" BUT! since he is autistic they dont know if that abnormal is normal for him... just be prepared that the EEG might not be the last test before they tell you "yeah, its a seizure disorder"

    while i was working in the adult service realm, i had seizure training and you might be able to find some local to you. basically, i learned how to identify the early signs of a seizure, some enviromental triggers that MAY cause seizures and how to identify others. the importance of timing seizures. if i remember right from trainings, medical intervention isnt really needed (as in ER visits) until 5 mins. of continuous seizure activity has occured.

    do some research while you are waiting for that appt. to roll around to get yourself armed and ready your best recourse is always educating yourself. i should be doing some too!! our follow up on isaac's EEG (which was in october) isnt until Feb!!!

    Good Luck!


    Old 01-04-2007, 07:41 PM   #7
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    Re: seizures and autism

    Our three year old with Autism has had two noise-induced seizures. At least two that I know about. The seizures occured before he turned one. They were very small, but very obvious because he immediately fell asleep. It makes me wonder if he'll have anymore when he reaches puberty. He is able to handle loud noises now, but really acts up. It is such a mystery...

    Good luck to you

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    Re: seizures and autism

    hi my daughter started having seizures from her being 8wks old
    it took 2yrs for the hospital to comfirm this she was then diagnosed ADHD with learning difficulite then i was told she had pdd then at 5yrs told she had autism and then at 10 was told she also had an an unhinhibiterd attachment dissorder
    her fits have never really been under control she has had 1000s iv kept notes of every 1 shes had at the moment shes on tegretol and toprimate shes tried them all plus drugs for her behavour but they didnt work
    shes now 14yr a big for her age she had procoucous puberty also
    she finds dealing with her seizures and periods hard so now shes on medication to stop her periods
    it been a nightmare but all you can do is try different drugs to see what suit and then weaned off to start another if they dont work
    there is a device that can be put in the brain to stop the seizures we were going to have this done but due to the nature of her fits we were unable
    i hope you get answers and help for ur son my advice to you is keep asking and asking questions also read up on both sujects it does help the more u understand

    Old 02-08-2007, 11:05 AM   #9
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    Re: seizures and autism

    My daughter last April when she was 11 years old (3 months from age 12) had a very violent seizure which she feel face forward while sitting in a couch and onto the floor which blocked her airpassage. Thank GOD, I was with her and was able to push her over and by that time (she is a big girl and weighs more than me) her lips were blue and she was not breathing. She immediately starting breathing but spoke babble for the first few minutes after this episode. It has been almost a year now she is on Keppra. Which was being adjusted in the beginning and kept requiring higher and higher dosages until I had enough and took matters into my own hands. I found information on the internet that addressed this issue and identified DMG (dimethyglice? I purchase from Kirkman Labs online) and vitamin B-6 w/magnesium which has proven to stop seizures in autistic children when RX's have not. I maintained a lower dosage of Keppra and also administered DMG and vitamin B-6 and her last EEG the doctor thought that the larger dosage of Keppra was why she showed such incredible progress but, I quickly told him what I had done. He did not know what DMG was which was fine.

    My daughter has not had anymore violent seizures even without medication. But, I do remember how worried I was that she would and I watched her like a hawk for a very long time and still do.'

    Good luck to you. If you need help locating the information that references DMG and vitamin B-6 let me know.

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    elmhar HB Userelmhar HB User
    Re: seizures and autism

    Anyone who is interested is welcome to probe the links between seizures and gluten, as well as the links between autism & gluten. I've known a number of people with epilepsy who've been helped by GF diet.

    This diet is NOT done by going off epilepsy meds first, but rather by maintaining a scrupulously strict GF diet for many months while on meds, then doing a medically-supervised reduced dose of meds. If things go well, further reductions can be tried. In some cases where the seizures were poorly controlled by meds, GF diet has given people their lives back.

    Epilepsy has many not-well understood root causes. We do know that during a seizure, part of the brain seems to be shorting out. Where there has been known trauma, that can be an established cause of seizures -- and in those circumstances, GF diet is less likely to help.

    Best wishes.

    Old 03-20-2007, 09:46 AM   #11
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    Re: seizures and autism

    Our 15 year old autistic son also started having seizures this year. We were told that 30% of autistic children starting getting seizures in their adolescence. A. was put on Keppra after the EEG showed seizure activity. The Keppra has controlled the seizures very effectively although A. is acting angrier than he usually does. He is nonverbal so we don't know much about what he is experiencing internally. Hope this helps.

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    Old 03-21-2007, 01:54 PM   #12
    I Love LJC
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    Re: seizures and autism

    Yes i have heard also my advice is to do a read on Seizures could be an array of things if its not epilepsy could be due to medication glucose etc

    Old 03-22-2007, 09:29 AM   #13
    Payne's Mom
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    Re: seizures and autism

    My son started having febrile seizures at a year old...was put on trileptal at 2 for his partial complex seizures. He has since been put on Lamictal for seizures and mood stabilizer (he's bipolar as well).

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