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  • Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

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    Old 01-04-2007, 01:12 PM   #1
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    Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    Ok.. I realized very early on that my son has something going on with him. And before he was diagnosed, we learned from an OT that he had sensory processing issues- we definitely noticed that he hated wearing pants, prefers long sleeved shirts, never kept pajamas on when he was a baby, etc. We figured this was because he just couldn't handle the type of fabric or something. Also, consider that in the winter time, he doesn't seem to notice how cold it is. Everybody else is freezing, and he's running around practically naked. And this summer, I swear he had on two shirts and one time, and 3 pairs of socks on at the same time! We just assumed this one a crazy "sensory processing" issue.

    Then we learned he had Autism, and I don't know that it further explained this behavior to us, but gradually I guess it did all seem to make more sense. Then I checked out a book about food allergies, because I am curious about the whole gluten free diet, and figuring out why my son has eczema.

    So I came to the realization after reading this book that children with eczema, their bodies/skin do not regulate temperature normally. So while we might be bundled up in layers of clothing, kids with eczema can't stand wearing much of anything.. and then vice versa when it's hot out. So now I'm wondering what is due to Sensory Processing, and what is due to his eczema? LOL Is there really any way of knowing?

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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    Hi. My son has Autism, Eczema and sensory issues but doesn't seem to have a problem being too cold or hot. He seems to prefer loose comfortable clothes but that's about it.

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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    My son is 5 and he is always hot. He hates clothes. He will not wear underware, will only wear his left sock, never wears a shirt at home, only wears sweatpants and has to sleep naked. He sweats alot and has terrible rashes on his legs that he itches until it bleeds. We thought it was from his bubble bath and have switched kinds many times. I may have to look into eczema.

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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    Our 7 year old has eczema, too. He likes tight fitting clothes. He'll get into his sister's sock drawer and sneak her tights. He needs that "input". He also LOVES clothes that billow in a breeze like skirts, scarves, etc. He'll put a kitchen towel on his head and stand outside just watching it blow in the wind. It makes life interesting to say the least.

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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    i have eczema too.
    i also have low blood pressur ethough, so temperatures can be exadurated to my body, really my body has a whole series of issues iwth tenmperatures

    i can walk around in teh snow wearinga miniskirt sometimes
    others i wear two shirts and a sweater at 74 degrees (f)

    but im also female, meaning some of it is hormone influences.

    while i Hate certain fabrics, and certain fits to cloths, at the same time, i find Soft fabrics and cloths that Fir right help sooth my poor skin.
    i didnt know what eczema was as a kid, so in 7th grade, i started wearing layers of cloths.
    i wanted to hide my "bad skin" so the snotty little classmates of mine would not say things like "dude, do you like, have a rash?" and scoot away from me.

    i actually Hate shirtstaht armet low cut, but at the same time, i need my legs not to touch. much have tights or pants on at all times, or i freak.

    i also love long flowey skirts <3 and scarfs, i hat ethings touching my neck but i Love scarves anyway.

    im glad im a girl and people think its normal to wear such things, my brotehr john wears my sister jennys cloths too, he is autistic. too bad my mom is so "anti-gay" that she denies the fact hat her youngest son loves drag and she wont let him wear it he espeically loves My cloths, but they are much too big for him. when hes my size il be happy to share them.

    get LOTS of cotton cloths, and tight fitting cloths too. he will probably love them sense its a 3/0 on all of those things now.

    its really a mix of the two, i think, they bleed into eachother
    Please excuse any gramatical/spelling errors, I have a verbal disability.

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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    Eczema can also be caused by yeast overgrowth. My daughter always had "cradle cap" and still has severe dandruf. When we had her stool tested through great plains laboratory, she also had intestinal yeast that was off the charts it was so high. You might want to try natural antifungals -- even garlic tablets are a great, natural anti-yeast agent. You should try probiotics as well. It may help with the sensory issues as well. Just an idea. Pro-biotics are so good for you anyway, it certainly cannot hurt and is relatively inexpensive

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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    "So while we might be bundled up in layers of clothing, kids with eczema can't stand wearing much of anything.. and then vice versa when it's hot out. So now I'm wondering what is due to Sensory Processing, and what is due to his eczema? LOL Is there really any way of knowing?"
    I would argue that it really is kinda all the same thing. Children with autism have a neurological condition that causes abnormal sensory processing, thus some sensory "circuits" are overloaded and/or other might be underloaded. The over/under load leads to the symptoms. In other words because they are already overwhelmed by sensory input, seemingly small additional inputs are too much to handle and can't be tolerated (because the child's sensory cup is already overflowing, they can't handle the feel of the seam in the pair of socks you just put on them and they melt down.)

    When presented with enough stimulation, probably just about every one's sensory cup can overflow. Think about having a sunburn and how sheets that might normally be soft and comforting to you might instead feel like sandpaper and bring tears to your eyes. Or how light and sound can be overwhelming if you are in the midst of a severe migraine headache. Or how maybe temperatures and clothing might feel different to you than it does to others if your body is covered in itchy, raw, miserable eczema.

    Does that make sense? /shrug
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    Re: Autism, Eczema, & Sensory Processing issues

    that's interesting - about the eczema and the yeast overgrowth. DId the doctors give you any idea how the overgrowth occurred? Was it because of antibiotics? Have you got it under control now (the yeast and the eczema) and if you did was it hard to do? My son got eczema when he was 18 months and when I think about it he had antibiotics at about the same time that can cause yeast overgrowth. It's an avenue I haven't really explored. And my second son, who had ear infections and thus antibiotics, had really bad cradle cap, until he was 4.

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