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Administrator 06-15-2007 10:38 AM

Don't put your children at risk...
People publish an amazing amount of information about themselves on the Boards and all over the internet. What is worse is that people publish their children's names and ages and lots of other information about the children.

Just by reading a few posts anyone can know the member's real name, the husband's name, the children's names, the city and state where they live, the children's ages. From the descriptions one can zero in on the special ed school at which a child attends and that there's a therapist that lives across the street --without going outside of HealthBoards anyone can know a great deal about a member and his/her family, and with a little digging into public information one could find out who they are and exactly where they live.

As soon as a child is born the proud parents post the child's name and weight. With little effort, many of these children can be tracked down in the flesh, because the proud parents have also said "hey! what a coincidence -- I live in the next town over from you". With the name of a town, the birthdate and child's name, anyone could easily look at at the birth announcements in the local newspaper and get the parent's names and then track down their address.

This should cause you enough concern to stop posting personal information that puts your family at risk. Be safe and do not post personal information.

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