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what school to send your child to?

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tinymom05 HB User
what school to send your child to?

My daughter started a regular preschool because her old special education preschool teacher thought it would be good for her to be with the typical children and she is beyond the kids in the special education class. Now she goes to school with a new tss and a teacher who has 15 or 20 kids in her class. I notice when tss is there or not there no one is helping her socialize that i see or doing everything in her IEP like visual schedules etc. She isnt even potty trained and they only take her once with the other kids before lunch instead of more frequently. I am having an IEP meeting but wonder what school would be better if i am doing the right thing. She participted so much in her special education class and now in her new school she watches all the kids sing etc in circle time. She wa used to helping read with the teacher and now at new school she cant do that so she vocally stims during storytime. She did however cut a crown out and was wearing it when i picked her up one day and she did it all by herself. She helps the other kids clean up, just storytime is the hardest on her. But i do wonder if the typical school is the best placement? She cant go to both schools one is shorter time and i am already pulling her out for private therapies from the typical school and there isnt transportation from special education class to the typical school.

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Re: what school to send your child to?

hi my son is seven and autistic he has been mainstreamed from the start he has made wonderfull progress just from watching the normall kids he has a full time carer and iep dont get me wrong it has been very stressfull and still is but i know its the right placement for him i have been to special schools and i am shure now that he would not be were he is now if i hade gone for that option i dont believe they are challanged to there full potential at special school they are more protected to a certain extent some perants like that but they have to live in the real world and at mainstream are exposed to lots of things and people that they wudnt be at special and are pushed more its a hard decision i know i wud love to put my son in a protective bubble stop him from the cruel things children and ignorant adults say but i know the only way to educate people is to get our special kids out there with them playing learning and laughfing amongst there piers also learn other kids autism is nothing to be affraid of good luck its a hard road but the rewards are worth it caza

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tinymom05 HB User
Re: what school to send your child to?

yeah i see your point, but with people in there that arent as helpful and uneducated as we think and the child could regress too. Thats just my opinion. I am thinking positive and keeping my child there but she needs the right assistance. Every child is different on the spectrum and maybe your child is highfunctioning i dont know. Glad it worked out for your situation.

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Re: what school to send your child to?

your situation sounds exactly like mine. my son was in a special pre-school for children who are language impaired. once the time came to transition to kindergarten we were told one thing and got a nightmare instead. he was placed in a self contained classroom that i was told would be the same (speech and language based program) but found out that it was in fact a emotional disturbed classroom. i get so upset when i think back to what my son must have gone thru in that class but thankfully i always build a good relationship with the teacher and she told me to "get him out of there."

i then had to deal with a program review and was able to get him in mainstream with "support". well, their idea of support is not what the child really needed. my sons aide was just a shadow with no training. she had no idea how to help him socialize. she thought she was just there to keep him out of trouble. the other thing to think about when a child is mainstreamed is this............the child will be removed from the classroom on a regular bases if he is disruptive to the other children. (my son cried a lot) so guess what my son ended up doing quite a bit of...........walking the hallways with his aide. ofcourse this is not always the case but sadly, often enough.

his teacher was so wanting to help but told me that the district would not allow her to attend training classes for special needs kids. I guess it was all about cost. well, i was not going to sit back and allow anymore of this to go on. i did a lot of research on why specialized classes work and the importance of mainstreaming as well. i was determined to find a class that would work specifically for my son. surely there was a class out there that was right for him. unfortunately, i knew it was not going to be within my school district. i had several evaluations done at a very reputable facility and they all agreed that my son needed a program that focused on pragmatic language skills and socialization. that's it. he also needed to be mainstreamed for specials because i believe that mainstreaming is important. the developmental psychologist told me in black and white that i would be doing an injustice to him by not making sure he was partially mainstreamed. (ofcourse, that may not work for everyone but my son is very high functioning).

my sons packet (almost like a resume) went out to several neighboring districts and we went on a couple of interviews. (yes, they call them interviews.) when i walked into his current placement i just knew that was it. one of the first things i asked the teacher was about behaviors. i understand that it often goes hand in hand with special needs but thankfully (well thanks to ABA) he does not have any. i asked a ton of questions and heard exactly what i needed to hear. he is now in a language rich classroom with an emphasis on socialization. he loves it and the teacher is soooooo amazing.

do what you think is right. if you feel her current placement is wrong then get her out. it broke my heart knowing that my son was not socializing appropriately in mainstream with his thanks but no thanks "support".

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geogal HB User
Re: what school to send your child to?

My son attended a special preschool run by the county for children with autism. He is high functioning (Asperger Syndrome) and we agreed during one of the IEP meetings that a small, private school would be best. His counselor agreed he was a bright child who could easily get lost in the public school system. Our son attended a small, private school for Kindergarten and First Grade and did really well. The class size was about ten. However, he started developing some very noticable tics in first grade so we homeschooled the next two years. Let me tell you, I met so many homeschooling mom's who had children of autism during that time. It was the best thing we did for our son. Academically he soared ahead and blew away the State tests. Socially, it was the best thing because we really worked at socializing in many different areas. He became far-better socialized being homeschooled than while he was at school but that was because he interacted with far more people. Oh, and his tics disappeared almost immediately after beginning homeschool.

He has been back in private school now for two years and is amazingly different. He still has some quirks, of course but he does wonderfully both academically and socially now. The biggest thing is that he has made some really good friends and has kept them.

For us, homeschooling made a world of difference.

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edtieho (08-28-2011)
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edtieho HB User
Re: what school to send your child to?

Thank you so much I'm home schooling my son and I always wonder if its the right thing to do. Thank you so much for your experience, even though I find it very hard at times to teach him because of his autisim, I think I will continue to home school him at least a little longer.

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Re: what school to send your child to?

My son got his diagnoses at three almost four. He went right into a specialized preschool .He had many behavioral problems and was also very hyperactive which made him a danger to himself. He had to go on medcation too. Fortunately he had a amazing teacher , so I kept him anther year in her program. The program was only for a half day so he did go to a daycare . I was working as a preschool teacher at the same daycare he went to , so I felt confident .He was a hanful though and the daycare teachers often complained. it was not fun. And NO regular preschool teacher or daycare teachers are not trained for special needs children at all. Keep that in mind when your child is in one of those programs. As a preschool teacher i had several children who were special needs. They require a lot of one on one attention which is difficult in a group enviroment. The ratio is higher then it would be in a specialized program. My son went into a special kindertarden, and all his other classess were day classess. Expect for one. He had a full time aid for a couple years in a special class and did well. All through his school years he was in these types of classrooms. up until 10 or 11 he went to daycare. The older they get the more they might get picked on or teased. In the regular classrooms. They can be easily bullied from typical kids and this is very hard on children with special needs. they are a easy target and are easily taken advantage of. Not in the preschool years or kindergarten , it will happen .
my son has been in both programs and enviroments. When he had a mixture of special day class and daycare with really good teachers he did well.
So You have to check out the teachers carefully . And their education. my son is out of school now and goes to a program for 18-22 year olds. Has a diagnoses of autism with cognitive delays.

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SassyBrass HB User
Re: what school to send your child to?

I think it definitely depends on the resources your school system has available and your child's particular set of strengths and weaknesses.

My little one is only 24mos but I've had him in an early education and physical therapy facility since 18mos - we call it "school" as it is run very much like a preschool. Class sizes are very small - capped at around seven kids - so my son gets very close attention from the teacher as well as interaction with the other toddlers. We've seen major improvement in this setting and I'm so thankful we found the place. I definitely see the value in putting your child in an integrated classroom, but interacting with the other special needs children has helped my son too, I think, because he learns a lot from their unique talents. Hope you find a school that works for you!

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