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rainrowan 03-16-2009 09:45 AM

sleep aids or meds for sleep anxiety in 6yo
I'd like to know what types of sleep aids or potential medications I should be discussing with my child's doctor.

My nonverbal 6yo PDD/NOS has severe anxieties about going to sleep which results in aggression at his struggle with sleep (he seems to view it as the enemy). He acts as if he has a phobia then turns it to anger quickly. He begins to scream, thrash about, begins to stim/perseverate continually. He refuses to sleep most of the time, instead nodding off in the sitting position till he falls over or not at all. We have tried everything, mainly laying down with him for upwards of 2 hours or all night to make sure he is safe in the room.

Usually we manage to have him asleep by 10pm, but he will be up by 2am and stays up throughout the following day until 10pm at which time this pattern is repeated. We have a bit of respite on the weekend when he sleeps late but this pattern starts up more frequently than not.

Tried melatonin 3mg and it is not working. Up again at 2am. Because it seems more like sleep is an actual threat to him, I'm wondering if the minutest dosage of risperidal or similar drug will assist him to comply when it comes to bedtime.

Lately he has also shown frustration and anger at being out in public... literally anywhere. help.

Mira11 03-17-2009 02:18 AM

Re: sleep aids or meds for sleep anxiety in 6yo
Yes, I would definitely discuss risperdal and similar type drugs with his doctor. We had similar type problems when my son (now 21) was your son's age and meds that calmed his overly anxious nervous system down were helpful.

Many kids with autism seem to get good results with risperdol. Zyprexa was also very helpful as my son got older.

rainrowan 03-17-2009 06:28 AM

Re: sleep aids or meds for sleep anxiety in 6yo
Many thanks Mira11! I should be hearing back from his doctor today.

Hope to report back with positive notes.

Last night we had to shut the door to his room to get some rest. I woke up to a huge crash and stayed with him till he calmed a bit. He was still very angry around 1am. DH woke up at 5am and found our son awake with a book in his bed. As to how long son was awake, possibly all night again...

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