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adnanmahwish 08-14-2010 10:10 PM

is this sign of autism
hi i have 15 month old baby boy . he was born fullterm with out any complications .he have gas and fussiness between 1 to 3 month and then he become ok . later on, he get sever gag problem when he started on solid food .now at 15 month his issue is bit resolve but still have occasional gag reflex. he is quit baby, smile and laugh during interaction with us . during his development he started to say dada at 11 month and started walking at 11 month ,he sit on 8 months and crawl on 7 month, have 4 teeth at 7 month (first have upper incisors)now he have 10 teeths , and now he easly go up and down stairs he is happy baby during all his journey . now since last 2 month i notice some changes , before he respond well, when i told him to say hi, he move his hand on head (cant say any thing but shows hi, and he do 1 more act if i told him to do so.)cant say words (he did that from 12 month age)now i saw he became less responsive on say hi ,and at 15 month he do not point things, instead , he pull my cloths and show tentums (he always come to me when he want food and diper change ,never go to his dad for these work). when i make bottle he run to bed with me, he recognize me and his dad(when his dad come home he run towards door. even when his dad dress up, he show his tentum that he want to go with dad) he is showing some abnormal things like when we call his name he dont respond but when i call him from other room ,he follow that command , some time show no response on his name . occasionally fappling hands some time one hand , some time both especially when he is excited but he flap maximum 2 or 3 time not more then that . often flapp hands on table and floor same just 1 or 2 time at once .,he only say mama , papa, baby and produces noices like uhhh and ahhh(when i told him to say papa he usually return me with papa.and when i told him to clap, he usually clap). he do toe walking in bare foot (do not do toe walking in shoes).i am living alone he dont have much exposure ,he watch cartoons alot watch them very consistently,playing with toys but dont have any favourit toy. when i paly with him i show how to play with toys he usually follow that, and in kichen when i show how to wash spoon he repeat that. when i show him how to point thing he try to make his finger point but not in direction where i want to point , when ask him give my the toy he have in his hand he put this toy in my hand but not ready to leave it so after while he get it back .when we r out he go to peoples produces uhh sound and smile mantain eye contect with them but cant play with other kid , (go close to kids again and again dont stop over there and enjoy parallal palyhe do go close to adults and smile and some time play peakaboo with them .play alot with grass and leaves).he also understand if i say( no) to him some time show no repose on (no)after all long story my big concern r 1- he is not pointing things (although show tentum to me that he need some thing but unspecificlly).2- he flap hands during tentums (some time in air and some time on floor ), 3 - keep walking in social places see other people and observe them and go close to them smile and maintain eye contect with them cant do parallal play with kids (busy in walking all times ) 4-toe walking (40% time in day especially when he awaked from sleep)
5 . 5-cant call mama or baba when he is alone in his room (he can say mama, papa ,baby (but can,t know who is mama and papa ) 6-cant point pictures from book (more intrested in touching by foot some time turn page ,he have more concentration on cicles and geometrical pictures but still do not point them )6- he play isolatly with his toys shoes and other stuff and he spread every thing but some time put toys back in drawers , if i call him at this time he did not turn head , he do turn head when he is not busy but need 2 or 3 time to call his name . and today i go in park in bigening he is crying and stick with me and his papa but later on he enjoy the place see people and smile and produces noices see other kids play but wont join them ,i saw when i try teach him how to paly with toy and how to close bottle cap he do it imediatlly but when i show him how to do wave and point nose he wont get it (i started teach him all this from 1 week ). one more thing i am student and doing my study at home from last 2 month b/c of my exam i ignore him alot i dont spend enough time with him and he usually watch catoon and play independently, after this 2 month period i realize he loss attachment with me , before when i say clap he did clap well but now when i told him to do any thing he dont follow my directions , still he help me in clothing mean lose his hand and foot during clothing just want to know is this autism or b/c of my ignorence

secretsleep17 08-15-2010 12:16 AM

Re: is this sign of autism
Sounds pretty classic, textbook autism to me. Not responding to his name, pulling you around instead of pointing to things, toe walking (not as big as an indicator- kids usually outgrow this by 3 years old, but since your son has 2 very big red flags already, I would say that's a red flag, too)- these are all signs of autism. I mean very big red flags, they almost never indicate something else, they almost always mean autism. Hand flapping and any other repetative behaviors are some signs, as well.

You are very lucky to have figured out that something was wrong before your son is, say, about to start kindergarten. Now you can start thinking about what kind of treatments you want to start. I would suggest you talk to a developmental pediatrician, and try to go ahead and get a diagnosis, so that when you start looking for services, you have all your paperwork lined up. I would also suggest you start reading everything you can about autism and the available treatments, especially something called Applied Behavioral Analysis, which is the therapy with the most studies done on it and has been proven to be very effective. I think this early in the game you have so much opportunity to get your child the help he needs, and he can be very happy and healthy, okay? So no time to panic. But I think you really need to talk to a professional with experience with children with autism.

Mira11 08-15-2010 02:27 AM

Re: is this sign of autism
I don't see that this is autism for sure as this can also be confused with just being 15 months. But, what is important is to go to your son's doctor and tell him what your concerns are. They may make a referral for you to get a further evaluation with a developmental pediatrician, or your son's dr. might make a referral for early intervention services.

The important thing is to get early intervention going soon as there is a great deal to be gained from this.

The office for developmental disabilities in your city can give you information about early intervention services too. Your local school district special education office is another resource for early intervention. The good news is that there are lots of services and therapies nowadays and your child is young and can benefit greatly!

But I would take these concerns to the pediatrician and they think it's the right direction, make the referrals for early intervention. From what you have described I cannot honestly see definite autism but I do know that the early intervention is a good route to go.

secretsleep17 08-15-2010 08:59 AM

Re: is this sign of autism
If your child is not responding to his name after 12 months, he is either deaf, has attachment disorder, or is on the autism spectrum. This is one of the most early and accurate signs. When it gets ignored, kids get diagnosed much later. I would take him to a developmental ped, not your regular ped. You can TRY your regular ped, but over half the time, they are not going to be as concerned and will try to put you off on worrying about it until like the 18 month check up. And when you finally start trying to get services, there are going to be waiting lists.

adnanmahwish 08-15-2010 02:35 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
my son turn to 16 month now, i understand it is may be attachment disorder so i try to give him more time and communicate him alot, in one week he starded following simple comands like hide for pick-a-booo and some time he shake hand and clap.toe walking get improve alot with wearning hard shoes. still dont have parallal play and have flaping in hands (not very often, only when he is excited, and do flaping some time from one hand some time from both hands ) .now responding to his name if he is alone and doing nothing but once he is busy in his stuff he he cant response on his name and i already talk to my dr she told me appernetly my son not look like autistic to her ,but i have to go for early intervensions . so i book appoinment with them . just want to know with all these improvement is it still look like autism?

secretsleep17 08-16-2010 12:10 AM

Re: is this sign of autism
well. You know your son. To me it sounds like autism. I wouldn't listen to anything your pediatrician says. And even as I write this, it seems like maybe I wanna push my own experience on you, but I gotta tell you. Everyone who ever said to me "I was just trying not to cause any extra worry on you" was a jerk. It's MUCH more important to get your child the services he needs. I would think about seeing more people qualified to diagnose your child than like a regular pediatrician. If I had listened to my pediatrician, my child may have been lost. I listened to my gut and I got the services he needed. Every child with autism is different, but your son sounds a lot like mine. The most noticable signs of my son's autism were- not responding to his name, pulling me around and manipulating my hands in order to get toys to work, or turn things on, or whatever, and lack of eye contact. His repetitive behaviors seemed to grow exponentially after 15 months of age. He opens and shuts doors, hand flaps, and waves toys in front of his face a lot. He doesn't line up toys or anything, but we will see. I have to say, unless you were seriously abusing or neglecting your son, I would think not responding to his name, even just inconsistently, would be indicative of autism. Unless he's like partially deaf or something.

I don't know why pediatricians just don't say this. Children who don't respond to their names are almost always autistic. There are certainly autistic children who respond to their names, but the ones who don't are just, like, NEVER neurotypical. I spent a lot of time just trying to get people to agree on a diagnosis, but when I started doing the research, it just never should have been a question. Your kid doesn't respond to his name consistently. I wouldn't let this issue drop. It's wonderful if your child is improving. I think it could easily continue. Your child could even drop the autism label after diagnosis, but at this time, yes, I would think someone with experience is going to at least lean towards your child being at risk for autism.

Mira11 08-16-2010 12:29 AM

Re: is this sign of autism
i am so glad that your son is showing improvement! i would think it is not autism but at this point the important thing is the early intervention and getting the services going. Keep us posted about his progress.

secretsleep17 08-16-2010 01:11 AM

Re: is this sign of autism
Mira, what would lead you to believe this was NOT autism? She said her son does not respond to his name, walks on his toes, and flaps his hands. That's not typical for a normal child, so what do you think it is? That's completely textbook for a kid with autism, so is there a reason you think it's not autism? Sounds like autism to me.

I'm not saying that there isn't a possibility that something else is going on, but certainly, the first and obvious guess would be autism. I don't know why someone would say it doesn't seem to be autism. What was described was textbook. Like if you were going to write a story about an autistic child, he'd certainly toe walk, hand flap, and ignore his own name. That's what autistic children do, and what neurotypical kids don't do.

adnanmahwish 08-16-2010 10:09 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
thanks for the concern ialready book appoinment for the evaluation and speach thearpy . if there is some thing wrong i will catch it early and treat it , but now iam working only on attachment disorder reason b/c this thing i will improve by my self . other stuff i cant do any thing just wait for the appoinment .and so amny things improve now , my son show more eye contect with me and family enjoy family time alot play with us and regarding flaping i notice he flap hand but that movement is on wrist and shoulder not on wrist joint . deffinitly doing toe walking (20 % when he is exited ),i just notice he have very less tongue movement can move his tongue out when i told him to do so ,(before i was doing my study he usually dnt have many social interactions he is isolated )
i try to take him out for paly with other babies and go the park (thing for which i am still concern, in park he is paly more with stones and leaves my be get better b/c i just started to take him out) , he started responding his name now , so positive things which make me happy to think positively and if there is problem i will deal it by my heart b/c my love for him is still same . just waiting for appoinmnet ,will be in this month end .. thanks for help and keep me in mind during :) prays

secretsleep17 08-16-2010 11:01 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
That's great, what's most important is that your son is getting some help. You are a great parent for taking action now- plenty of other, decent parents, may have made the mistake to just wait and see how things go.

Selah123 08-18-2010 05:13 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
I have 3 children and 1 of them was diagnosed as autistic when he was 2 years old. Before age 2, it was hard to tell. I do remember he never learned to say, "da da" like my other children, when they were babies. He also use to rock side to side after age 2. I watched him on some home videos and he appeared as though he wasn't autistic at all at age 2. The only thing that made us concerned was that he wasn't talking yet. Well, now he's 8 and can talk, read, write, add, and subtract. He is more independent than my other children. It's hard to believe that I worried about his development at all. I have God to thank.

secretsleep17 08-18-2010 11:32 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
Selah, so did your child eventually lose the diagnosis? Did you ever doubt the diagnosis? My own son seemed to have a regression at around 16 months. So it makes sense to me that maybe your child didn't have any autistic traits until after age 2.

Very encouraging to hear a story about a child who is doing so well, now!

adnanmahwish 08-22-2010 12:24 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
about my kid he is 16 month now .he is started responding to his name and play with us, and now he is maintaing eye contect ,i have been worried b/c he is doing toe walking and (i have wrong info about flaping hand ) i think he flap hand but acually he move his whole hand and main movements r on shoulder and elbow (flaping is movement on wrist). now he is enjoying social getherings .what i think about him is he is acually having attachment disorder . that is why he is being improve alot after getting family attention , but still want to make sure about problem so already get appoinment for early intervention

dncergrl53 09-17-2010 03:26 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
Autism is a disorder describing poor social interaction. All the behaviors you described could be autism, or they could be due to some other problem or they could just be what kids do when they are 15 months old. Toe walking can be due to tight heel cords or just experimenting. Poor communication can be due to hearing problems or language development problems. Hand flapping could be due to a child who wants to communicate, but does not have the words. Sometimes normal kids who are hyperactive flap their hands (and wiggle and fidget). Normal toddlers do not engage in cooperative play, they have tantrums, their speech is immature, etc. It is not common for a child with a normal home life to have attachment problems. Have an evaluation and keep TV to a minimum. The gold standard way to tell if your child is autistic is to have an assessment for autism. They should be able to sort everything out.

adnanmahwish 10-30-2010 05:33 PM

Re: is this sign of autism
hi my son already have 2 visits with infant development team they exclude autism they say there is mild developmental delay (my son is now 18 month he catched his milestones rapidly in last 2 months now he did point ,and looks toward pointed object and he pretend plays enjoy social meetings he try to comunicate with other peoples in his own language and he say 5 words , he still have problem in naming objects . he did pint 2 of his body parts understand simple commands . i am still traking him . hope every thing going to be fine soon :):angel:

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