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savingjohnathon 03-17-2011 06:02 AM

20 y/o Autistic nephew and IQ of 70 is sitting in County Jail
I need so much help. My nephew lives in Clearwater, Florida where there are no programs or treatments centers for him. He is 20 years old and is borderline MR with an IQ of 70 and had been diagnosed two years ago in NY with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

He is today 3/17/11 sitting in a County Jail since yesterday. My nephew on the outside looks very normal. You wouldn't think there is anything wrong with him. That is until you start speaking to him for at least 20 minutes. He is the most polite kid and is mild mannered. However, he has been hanging around 16 and 17 year old delinquent teens that use him. Most recently they used him to help steal a moped. What happened? He got caught, they didn't. He was the oldest and was arrested. I do not want to see my nephew in jail for the rest of his life but Florida does not have any special programs for him. He was diagnosed with MR at 6 years old. He has been in Special Ed all his life. He was able to finish his certificate in HS. But his ADHD and all his other issues, now that he is older, is starting to show even more. I would be willing to bring him to NY but don't know the first place to bring him.

We are hoping that he is released soon but are waiting. What makes this situation even worse is that his mother, my sister, has been unemployed for over a year. They have no money and it has been a financial strain on the entire family because we are taking care of our own families and her and my two nephews.

We are so desperate. And so afraid that we are going to get a call that my nephew is either dead in the street or is going to wind up in prison. We are all at our wits end and I really need help. I will do the work, I just need guidance. No one is ever able to help.

mscat40 03-17-2011 02:33 PM

Re: 20 y/o Autistic nephew and IQ of 70 is sitting in County Jail
First thing I would do is to get into contact with the Local Regional Center in your area. What should have happened at the age of 18 was that your parents needed to file consevaship papers on him, in case anything like this happened. Your parents would be his legal gaurdion and take full responsibilty for him , he would not be sitting in jail for such a petty crime. Now that he is, I would start right now looking for a residential placement. A place he can live with other people who have developmental needs, who can't live on their own, and need help and supervision.
If you do get him to NY , look into places like REhab for the developmentally disabled. Also very important, he qualifies for special Ed until the age of 22. Look up some schools for the disabled , so he can go there. He really ought to have been in a independant living program offered ob the school district , for adults with disabilites. Like I said he qualifies because of his age and disabilites. All school districts have to have these services/classess especially designed for the adults with developmental disabilites until age 22.
It is not right for him to have to take the fall for this, perhaps the charges will be dropped due to mental incapacity. If your parents or whoever is in charge with him can speak to the DA about his disabilites , he will get off the charges.

NM mom 04-22-2011 09:37 AM

Re: 20 y/o Autistic nephew and IQ of 70 is sitting in County Jail
There are no supported living homes in your state? we have several Autistic adults in our program in NM...we also work with the state to get these guys out of jail...where they shouldn't be in the first place!! Search under "supported living homes"...Hope all works out for your nephew.

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