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visha 11-30-2011 03:27 PM

just a refresher....
Hello - My son attends an ABA school, but no ABA home programmes. He started at the the school late last year after struggles at other special schools. He used to be extremely challenging, but not any more...i must also state that the medication Sodium Valporate (epilim chrono) has played an important in helping my child. It is a medication used to treat epilepsy but DS is not even epileptic - but this medicine, i believe has been used to treat challenging behaviour with some success, and my son is one of the very lucky ones to say the least....
Sodium Valporate was introduced into my son's medical routine last year October. So now he uses respiridone & sodium valporate morning/evening. Hope this helps information helps others.

As with a lot autism cases, who really knows what the future holds?? It may all go pear shaped again (i hope not), but for now, i am very very happy with my childs progress - its like a miracle!
ETA: my son was considered one of the most extreme cases of autism related challenging behaviour by experts who met him...and indeed at a certain point - i did think it would be impossible to keep him home for much longer....but here we are, and i couldn't be happier considering what we experienced & had to go through.
Who knows what lies ahead, what the future holds? Perhaps this is the calm b4 the storm? I know i shouldn't sound pessimistic <snap out of it>.....anyway, long may this good phase last! And if my sons situation can get any better...then i hope & pray for it.

All this best to everyone going through autism related issues xx

visha 11-30-2011 03:54 PM

Re: just a refresher....
Ooops my mistake!

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