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  • 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

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    Old 05-02-2012, 02:47 PM   #1
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    2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

    Hello there,

    New to this place, just seeking some help and advie from experts in this field i.e. parents of kids with autism/aspergers etc.

    My daughter is 2.5 and lately i am concerned about her exhibiting a few signs/symptoms, but not all the ones listed when you research about these disorders. I will describe in more detail-

    *She suffers from chronic constipation and more accurately, from stool withholding. This is probably the most severe symptom. She once went 2 weeks with no bowel movement.

    *She has jerky hand movements akin to flapping when v excited, watching tv etc and also when holding in a bowel movement, she twists her hands and toes and walks on her tiptoes a lot but mainly when trying to hold in a poo.

    *She spins in circles for long periods of time with her eyes turned sideways or closed. Not very frequently, maybe once every 2-3 days. Walks from room to room with eyes closed sometimes.

    *She has for about a month been obsessive about closing all the doors in the house.

    Engages in some repetitive behaviours but not very frequently i.e. will run around the garden in exactly the same direction every time, will find a lap at the jungle gym and not deviate from it.

    She has a special 'blankie' that goes everywhere and is used for nap times/sleep times but i think this is mainly because she has made a little tunnel in between the stitching and she repeatedly puts her finger in/out of it, and finds it very soothing, she goes into a sort of a trance.

    She does not often throw tantrums but they can be very head-turning when they happen... It is sometimes over small things...gets very emotional if her toy people won't stand up in a toy car or where she wants them to,... sometimes over the usual things ie leaving the park etc.

    Her imaginative play is great, when she gets into the zone for it, her concentration is good, she is a genius at jigsaws and can complete up to 5 difficult ones in a row with little help, her memory and speech are pretty excellent.

    She doesn't like lately to be too close even to me anymore, only rarely, but will ask to sit on special people's knees (nana, granda) has never liked kissing and still won't on the lips, only really lets us kiss her forehead, can't really hug back properly but does enjoy being hugged and snuggled by us when we grab her and go for it.

    She is not intimidated by social situations and goes straight up to kids to make friends, and is so sweet to them. However they can often be intimidated by her forwardness and ignore/walk away or shout at her to go away, but she pays no attention and doesn't seem to notice/will carry on anyway. I 've noticed she usually singles out an older kid and follows them, not interested in peers the same.

    I am a bit concerned about her eye contact too...she only makes it when really has to and it is never sustained for mre than a few seconds.

    I want to add that she is very loved and given lots of affection and focused attention from us, and seems very happy.

    Does this sound like normal kid behaviour or something i should be panicking about? I'm panicking anyway.

    If anyne has any advice from their own experience or if any of this sounds familiar please let me know, i'm not sure what i should do next. Sorry for lengthy post- and if this has all been covered many times, i am just new here. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    Wink Re: 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

    Hello & Welcome! Happy Mothers Day Too!

    By chance I decided to go on the board today. I'm a Mom of 4 children, and my oldest baby, now 17, is autistic son & graduating high school in a couple of weeks!

    ...About your concerns. Don't panic. Breathe! Take it one step, and day at a time.

    Is your daughter in any preschool? If so, are they noticing anything?

    Autism really affects one socially. That is great she is making, or at least trying to make friends!

    My daughter, now 13, held here bowel for that long too. The dr put her on myralax until she gave up trying to be too timid to go. I thought she would be the first one toilet trained out of all my kids, but as soon as she figured out she has control, and who likes the look of what comes out, she held it in. She didn't gain weight for 1 year. It broke my heart. We brought her to play therapy with a social worker to help her sort though her feelings. It was so tramatic for her, but I just recently found out, she doesn't even remember any of it! (My daughter is not autistic, but I would say an extemely sensitive girl)

    I think with everything you have described, you should just have her evaluated. You can go through the county health department. Be patient though, because there is a lot of paper pushing. A month of papers, than atleast another month for an eval.

    You could talk to your pediatrician and ask for a referral to a doctor that would be well qualified to not only evaluate her, but test her skills and abilities too.

    Hope this helps you!


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    Re: 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

    Hi, you left me a message a couple of months ago but I was unable to answer at the time as computer troubles.You asked after reading my post if your daughter sounds like my son. In some areas he does although to get a diagnosis of autism they need to meet certain criteria and although your daughter is having difficulties and not behaving as you would expect from a typical child she does have some skills such as good pretend play which is often an area of difficulty for autistic children.
    My son has no pretend play and has to have play modelled by an adult which he then copies. However he will repeat this over and over until an adult adds more.
    My son also flaps hands, toe walks and when anxious will open and close his hands.
    He does not have any bowel problems although my daughter who has aspergers syndrome has and would go a month without going.She would be hysterical when she had to go and took lots of medication. It is very common for autistic children to suffer from bowel problems.
    My son also has repetitive behaviours and like your daughter will run the same cicuit around the jungle gym. His repetitive behaviours occur everyday but particularly when in a new environment.
    He has severe meltdowns every day where he will scream, kick,throw things, bite,hit and head bang. Often they occur so suddenly and we do not know why. He does however get distresssed if he is told no,cannot achieve something,something goes wrong,he has to wait,we change plans without preparing him,in noisy or busy environments.
    He also has difficulties with his motor skills and balance which is also very common with autistic kids. You do not mention if your daughter has these difficulties.
    My son gives good eye contact when he initiates interaction but not when we try to interact with him. He also chats to us but rarely responds when we try to talk to him.Its very one sided.He cannot hold a conversation.
    I think you also need to look back to when she was a toddler, were there any signs then.
    Did she give eye contact, respond when you called her name, take an interest in things you were looking at, did she look if you pointed to something, how did she respond to noise,lights,smells,touch etc Did she understand what you said?
    I spent years observing my son, looking at his behaviours, wondering is this normal, would a child with autism do that. I would also watch other peoples children trying to compare. I nearly drove myself mad, I just needed an answer and eventually I got it, and am beginning to except it although cannot pretend to know everything about autism and still have the odd wobble now.
    However my one regret is that I spent so long observing him that I forgot to enjoy him. He never changed. I did.
    Whether your daughter has autism or not you have to trust your own instincts. You know some areas of her development are not as they should be. The only true way of getting the answers is by having her assessed. Perhaps you are already going down that path.It is important as you want to get her the specialist support which is so important.
    But just remember to enjoy her. If you would like to ask any further questions always happy to help.
    All the best

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    Re: 2 year old displaying some signs of autistic spectrum disorders

    I have a 10 yr old with PDD, she is high functioning (no special ed, attends regular classes) but at this age she had much of the same symptoms. she didn't talk till she was 3, held poo, hypersensitive, tunnel vision, some noises "hurt" her, some she didnt hear at all. tongue chewing (her tick), and on. she was also brilliant with puzzles at 2- no imaginative play though. and even in a room full of children she would only play beside them not with them. good news even if your daughter has the same thing; with the right OT (as mentioned above this takes time and patience and tons of paperwork) She may be just fine, a little "quarky/odd" by others standards but intelligent, functioning, productive, adult. I think its slightly harder because you have to find a way into their "world" as they see it, not yours. but its a totally beautiful experience. good luck. oh and lots of kids show "signs" and Dont actually have any form of autism, but its better to get her checked out- the earlier the intervention the better

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