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mrsBa 09-23-2012 04:36 PM

Question about autism screening
Hello everyone...

What exactly do they do when they test a child for autism? My son's doctor recommended he get screened for autism due to his concern that our 19 month old is not talking yet and doesn't attempt to communicate through words or gestures. I've been trying to compile a list of our son's odd behaviors, the milestones he has not met yet, as well as background information on the challenges he has had and how he has changed and made accomplishments over time, but I do not know what is relevant and what should be left out.

We've suspected our son is autistic since he was very young, but when he began to change and some of these issues became less severe and he made accomlishments, we thought perhaps he might not be autistic at all. Since the doctor has suggested he get screened, we are now back to worrying he might be autistic becuase we have been noticing things we had previously not worried too much about and despite the accomplishments he has made, we are worried he might not be where he should be.

peyto 10-04-2012 03:00 PM

Re: Question about autism screening
Hi we live in uk and with my son our first port of call was with our health visitor and then a development check and hearing check.
Referals were then made for an assessment with a speech and language therapist, who then refereed my son to the communication disorders clinic at the child development centre.
He was seen by a pediatrition who said it was pointing strongly to autism and he was put on the waiting list for an autism screening clinic.
He was assessed on numerous occasions by a specialist speech and language therapist who also visited my son at school.the whole process took a year and was extremely stressful although I guess they have to be thorough so ensure a correct diagnosis.
The not knowing and the waiting was worse than finding out he had autism, In the end I just needed to have an answer so that I could except the situation and ensure my son recieved the support he needed.

MamaBear1977 12-01-2012 08:32 AM

Re: Question about autism screening
When the Pediatrician tested my son this is what she did:
- she tried to engage him in activities
- she tried to get him to say something
- she looked for eye contact
- she looked for pretend play
- she tried to get him to follow directions.

After the Pedi diagnosed him, we had a second assesment done to see if my son was eligible for IBI.
They pretty much did the same thing, but this time it was a child psychologist & a student in a better room with better toys.

Hope that helps. Best of luck to you :-)

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