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Darls 11-02-2012 07:04 AM

Adult Autism
My son has just turned 18 and he is graduating from special school in couple of weeks. I am a single mum, my son is intellectually impaired and does not talk much, only a few words in a sentence so his communication is very limited. We are seeing a new neurologist specialist that said we will start reducing medication and we will start with Risperdal which he has been on this medication for the last 13 years. At first he became very ill, nauseated and vomiting, headaches, sweaty and insomnia. He got over that in a week and now he has become aggressive towards people not me but others.. At school he is hitting students and trying to punch the teacher. An incident on the bus when he tried to hit students on the bus and the volunteer on the bus had to restrain him. My son is very tall and strong, the only thing I find it really difficult is understanding what he is wanting or what is wrong with him. He just can't communicate it and he has uncontrollable laughing attacks that just drives me insane and my level of patience can be hard to control..

I rang his neurologist as my son has epilepsy he has absence seizures they are very much controlled.. When my son was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 4 they did a ECG which found epileptic activity so my son started to see a Paediatric Neurologist and he was such a good dr look after my son's behaviour and Risperdal did the trick. Now my son is seeing a Adult Neurologist and now it has been explained to me as I rang to tell the Dr what is going on. He was kindly told me that Adult Neurology is different to Paediatric Neurology as with Adult Neurology he is only experienced to treat Daniel's epilespy but not behaviour and there needs to be a referral to a mental health specialist. Well I god smack why was he reducing risperdal? I have no idea. Anyway my son is back on the original dose of risperdal and the neurologist is doing a urgent referral to mental health. I am not sure if my son is hearing voices but before he hits someone he says Hit and he says there name.. He is not really sleeping well, I expect that when the risperdal will get to the level that calms him everything will settle, well I hope!

Is there someone out there with the same issues as me I really would like to chat back and forth. I really feel all alone and no-one understands what I am going through.

nextlife53 04-30-2013 06:49 AM

Re: Adult Autism
Hi there, I feel your pain. It is very trying to take care of a loved one with special needs. I read that he is having great difficulty at school. I think part of the problem maybe that he is not in the proper placement to meet his behaviorial needs. Has an IEP been completed? If so then it should be revised with ways to help manage certain acting out behaviors to reduce the frequency. He may be expressing hiself the only way he can other than verbal. You also may want to look into speech therapy for him. Try to get him to express himself by drawing, singing a song, writing, and maybe finding out his favorite colors and give each color a feeling, such as blue sad, red angry, yellow happy, and so on. Having an outlet that is understandable to both of you may help to reduce some of the anxiety. Stay in touch.

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