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    Toddler & Autism Screening

    Okay I am not some mother who is jumping to conclusions. I have waiting 5 months and watched my child closely. I have studied, and discussed, and waited. I am at my wits end and needing advice.

    When my daughter was 14 months old I thought she was completely normal. She was always lovey with me and family, got along with the other children at day care, great sleeper, and pretty much just go with the flow. I couldn't believe how lucky we had been with her. That was until I got around someone with a child the same age as her and I realized how behind she was. Now I am not one to freak out, I do understand that all children develop at different paces. I knew she was a late walker, and that didn't bother me because so was I, but when I saw how verbal and communicative that other 14 month was I started to research and worry. I never should have went on the internet, however I did and that made it worse.
    I immediately contacted our pediatrician and got her in for an appointment. He agreed that she was a bit behind and scheduled her for a hearing test. Come to find out she had a lot of fluid on her ears, to the point that where there was supposed to be some vibration when sound enters, her was completely flat. We scheduled her for tubes. Two months later at 16 months old with tubes she finally started speaking. She went from 0 words to almost 10 words immediately. Started waving Hi and Bye and saying the words with the gestures, pointing is still not a big deal to her but she does do it occasionally. For example this morning she pointed to the door and said "Door!". Now at 19 months old she is jabbering non stop, has about 20 words a few are "Ball, Book, Box, Milk, Momma, Dada, shoes, bathroom, pumpkin, etc., and a few 2 word phrases such as "Bye Papa" and "whats that?". She can follow some commands but not all. She responds to her name nearly every time its called, even from the different rooms, she will hold up an object and say "That?" and when I tell her what it is she will repeat it. She knows where 3 body parts are, and if I tell her its time for bed or bath she will go to the correct room on her own. If we are at companies house and I ask if she is ready to go, she will stand up, tell them bye and wave and then walk to the door. She usually listens when I tell her no. Loves almost all foods and feeds herself. Makes great eye contact, wants to share moments with us and always looks to see our expressions, if she can't figure something out she will bring it to us for help. Loves to be thrown up in the air and swung around by my husband, and plays games such as peek a boo.

    Here is what she is still not doing or doing that bothers me.

    She is not a consistent pointer, and doesn't always look at things when I point at them. She is getter better at looking when I point though. Honestly I was never good at pointing at things the first year in her life.. I pretty much never did it. If I ask her to point at things I'm reading her in a book she won't do that either.
    She does really well with change like when we go on vacations and stuff or if I have to move her schedule around a bit, but there is one really odd instance where she always has a melt down. At her daycare they have nursery 1 room (6 weeks to 1 year) and Nursery 2 (1 year to 2 years). Sometimes towards the end of the day they will move the Nursery 2 kids to the Nursery 1 room and she hates that, has a major meltdown over that every time. There are also days when her teacher isn't there that we have to put her in Nursery 1 and she has a fit with that too.
    She shows signs of stemming. She moans when she eats and sometimes when she is concentrating, she arm flaps (but only when she is super excited, no other time) if she is just happy or likes something she will clap.
    I am not sure if this falls under stemming, but she does use repetitive behavior. Not all the time though just when she is bored. For example we were waiting in line to get on a bus to go into a theme park. All of the other kids were running around or sitting with their parents, my daughter was grabbing the pebbles and throwing them up in the air, the second they would hit the ground she would grab more and do the same, she repeated this over and over and over. She does the same thing at home, she will play with all of her toys, but if she gets bored she will walk around and throw them repeatedly. The other night she stacked 4 blocks, and then spend the next 5 minutes just picking them up and throwing them around the room. Sometimes when doing this she will look up to see our expressions sometimes not. It is very easy to get her to stop, most of the time she stops on her own.
    We can't seem to get her to drink out of a straw or suck on a sippy cup. She used to, and then 5 months ago she got Hand, foot, and mouth, and because her lips had sores she started biting on her sippy to make the liquid come out, and has done that ever since. No matter how many time we have tried introducing her to a straw or a sippy with a stopper that she has to suck on to get the fluid out she just can't seem to understand the concept.

    Lastly, she is very active to the point of hyperactive. She almost never sits still unless the tv is on. We don't let her watch much tv anymore, we let her watch way too much tv the first year of her life (my husband works odd hours, and I am a full time employee, and a full time nursing student so I'm super busy). We have almost removed all tv from her life except sometimes right before bed. We will turn something on for 30 minutes and she will sit and watch that. Other than that she is constantly on the go. My whole family suffers from diagnosed ADHD so that could be a cause.

    Other than those things she is great. She had really started to mimic our actions, tries to brush her own hair, brush her teeth, do hand motions to songs, and sing along with us, makes silly faces with us.
    I have talked to her pediatrician on numerous occasions and he doesn't seem the slightest bit worried, however, I have read that they usually are not the ones who catch it and rarely detect it. A lot of people in my family think I'm crazy. I just do not want to do her a disservice by not getting her looked at or into any therapy she might need, I also don't want to go through the long process of getting her diagnosed if I am just being silly and paranoid.

    I am so sorry that the message is so long, but I felt like I need to describe her completely for you to make a proper suggestion. Any feedback would be nice. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Toddler & Autism Screening

    Sounds like very normal behaviour to me.

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    Re: Toddler & Autism Screening

    Trust your mother's is your most reliable guide. It is perfectly ok to go through testing in order to rule things out. But no harm in waiting a while before you make a decision.

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    Re: Toddler & Autism Screening

    Hi. I came to this board, because yesterday my best friend found out from testing that her 20 month old son is autistic. As soon as they told me, I looked it up in the dictionary to find out the correct explanation, definition, symptoms, and behaviors. In fact, her son is the same age as my grandson, and there sure are many differences. I've always noticed he was "behind" if I compared him to other babies his age. What you just described in behaviors up above do not seem like anything to be concerned about, in my "gramma" opinion. I'm not a Dr., I'm just going by my own experience in raising 5 kids and currently 4 grandkids. If I were you, (and I'm not. ) I don't even think I'd have her tested. To me, it doesn't seem like anything's wrong at all.

    Although, to calm your mommy fears and concerns, you may as well have her tested with her pediatrician. Then, you'll know for sure. If this is your first child, than I really completely understand. My second baby died of SIDS the day he turned 4 weeks old, and ever since then I turned into a whole different mommy, with the rest of my babies. You and your daughter both sound just fine to me. Your daughter is lucky to have a mama that cares about and loves her so much. Keep this up and your daughter will grow up feeling very secure and loved, is also my "gramma" opinion.

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