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Lowgradefever 02-17-2016 10:13 PM

4.5 years old daily afternoon low grade fever for months
My 4.5 years old daughter is running low grade fever everyday late afternoon to bedtime between 99 and 99.4 (ear temperature). This has been going on for almost 4 months. She did 2 blood tests with infectious disease clinic. CBC is slightly low 4.6 with a slightly low lymphocytes counts 1.92. Sed rate is 11 within normal range. TB came back negative. EBV negative. HIV negative. TSH normal. She is eating fine, sleeping fine,and playing fine with no weight loss or any other symptoms. I know 99.4 is technically not a fever but I am still concerned with her daily episode of slightly warmer in the afternoon. In the morning and after she goes to bed a night her ear temperature drops to low 98is or 97ish. It's just the late afternoon when her temperature increases to above 99. My other kid's ear temperature is almost always below 99. That's why I'm concerned with one being 99F above on a daily basis. Doctor doesn't seem concerned as her temperature is not 100.4 yet. Could this be any autoimmune issues even if the TSH is fine? Besides the infectious disease clinic, any other doctors we should go to? Could it be allergy? Any suggestions or advice will be much appreciated!

Mg2121 02-18-2016 07:18 AM

Re: 4.5 years old daily afternoon low grade fever for months
I would buy a regular oral thermometer and compare the 2. Oral ones are more precise over the counter unless you buy a very expensive one of the others, which isn't necessary. But, in children it is not uncommon to see their temps in the 99 range, so your pediatrician is right not to be very concerned plus its normal for anyone's temp to be higher in the evening. It sounds like the dr looked into it by having a CBC drawn and even though the values were a tiny bit low it is not concerning. The values can fluctuate with each blood draw by a little depending on many different factors so its very likely that if they drew blood again it could be in the normal range now. I would rest assured knowing that even though this has been occuring for 6 months they're are no other symptoms that would suggest anything bad is going on. But, to put your mind at rest try a different thermometer and see if there's a difference. But as long as she's feeling well and it sounds like she is i would not be too worried. Good luck

luca689 02-18-2016 11:20 AM

Re: 4.5 years old daily afternoon low grade fever for months
Body temperature is not a constant thing and does normally fluctuate during any given 24 hour period, typically by almost 1 degree F, being highest in the late afternoon and evening and lowest in the morning, just as an FYI

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