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Charlie816 02-18-2016 10:37 PM

Could This Be Lupus?
I have been experiencing pain on both sides of my upper back where my kidneys are located for four days (both cramping and sharp pains) Microscopic blood in urine for years. Low grade fever. Pain is radiating to my stomach, and upper thigh. No bacteria in urine that would suggest a UTI. High ACE levels for 2 plus years. Vitamin D def. for over four years. Several organs have been inflamed. Was wondering if this could be a result of possible Lupus? Thanks a lot for your time.

VeeJ 02-19-2016 08:28 PM

Re: Could This Be Lupus?
Hi and welcome. I'm only a patient, but from what I've read, kidney involvement in lupus doesn't cause pain typically, unless & until it goes very deep---and you'd see poor results on your blood labs, I imagine.

But microscopic blood in urine just isn't normal! But in addition to lupus, I'd wonder about other possible causes, like stones, interstitial cystitis, etc. Has your PCP even followed up on this? Has he/she sent you to a urologist or nephrologist? Have ANY special tests been done, like kidney ultrasound?

But you say "other organs" have been inflamed too. Which? Other organs, e.g., heart and lungs, can inflame in lupus and its close cousins. Has your PCP even done anything about those events?

Lupus is diagnosed by a set of 11 criteria. You usually, but not always, must meet at least 4 to sustain a dx of systemic lupus. So another thing you could do: borrow library books to read about those criteria & about the many organ systems it can affect.

I'd want this all pushed further along! Minimally, comprehensive autoimmune blood labs, new urinalysis, and kidney ultrasound. And if you have ANY concern that your PCP can effectively orchestrate and analyze all this, then I'd look for a rheumatologist to do these tests. Please keep us posted. Wishing you clarity and help soon, V

P.S. For the record, I have lupus and I've also had recurrent kidney stones. With kidney stones, my urinalysis showed no bacteria but elevated leukocytes.

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