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fighter26 09-21-2011 09:21 PM

WOW so as most people that come to this page as new people come scared, shocked, don't know what to don't ect... well if you have read my profile im not new to this sick crap! I have lupus and this is just another this to add to the list as i see it. Im just glad they know what it is! I went about 6 months with them not knowing what was wrong with me. I would stand up and be very dizzy light headed heart rate would go to 145 had to go to ER like 6 times. I was going to infusion center 2 times a week to get fluids to due i could not keep my own in. I only have one kidney ( right was removed) and they had me on salt pills and had me taking in like 4,000-5,000 more salt in food a day. Thats another thing during the 5-6 months i have BIG probs with GI they said could have been lupus could have been pots but i ended up with a feeding tube its out now but blah being 26 it was just a pain in the neck! So my questions to everyone i what works for some people what does not... and i really dont understand the boards HA how do i find the newer post that people made???? I hope i can find the post i made HA well i hope i was not to all over this place with this its 4:30 and i could not sleep and i found the boards for Pots and i use to Lupus boards all the times and at stressful times dont know what i would do without my luppie buddies :-) Well look forward to hearing back from some of you! Thanks everyone Megs:wave:

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