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  • a lot of body pain

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    a lot of body pain

    i wasnt sure about where to post this. i will let you know that 95% of my symptoms started after having my daughter. they are all on the left side of my body.
    med history-
    age 23
    ovarian cysts
    the above was treated with a lupron depo shot. the doc decided agains the second shot because of the body pain i had experienced after the first.
    28 i had my daughter. right after i ahd my daughter i started to have multiple problems-
    hart palpitations
    pain in left chest
    pain with deep breaths
    migraines got worse ( starts at the base of the skull and moves across the left side of my skull to the front of my face. during a migraine my left nostril closes, my left eye waters, my left ear hurts and the left side of my face 'feels' swollen the pressure in my head during my migraines is just unbearable i know i have a migraine coming on 3 days before it hits because of the pressure)
    my left hip pops in and out
    my feet swell they also turn red and blue
    my hands swell they turn red blue white and are very cold
    all around my left shoulder blade it aches
    my left arm aches
    i have a pain in my wrist and pinky occasionally my thumb
    i pulled my muscle in my back when i was 18, no probs until i was 30 and i slipped a disc working in my garden
    i have a hard time keeping warm and cooling down
    when i am hot i want to pass out
    this past summer i started to have spells where i wanted to pass out, i would start to breath fast, hart started to beat fast it sounded like i was in a tunnel it got so scary
    i was 132 lbs until i got pregnant with my daughter, i am now 198 lbs. i can not get the weight off
    my blood pressure has a wide range from 98/69- 129/72
    my digestion has really slowed, there has been 3 times in the last 2 years that i didnt have a bowel movement for 7 days. for the last year i have had many occasions where i go 3-5 days with out a bowel movement.
    when i go that long with out one, when i eat i feel very full and bloated and i just feel all around bad.
    since having my daughter, my teeth have been very bad. i have had a root canal on the bottom and another capped. my gumms hurt. they feel swollen and irritated. the two teeth that i have had fixed are now going to be pulled because they most likely did not heal right.
    the lymphnode on my neck is always swollen
    on the left side of my whole body i have tingling, warmness, coldness , aches in my bones, muscles and joints.
    i do have a few days here and there where i feel like i can climb a mountain, and in between my legs just feel like they are dragging behind me.
    i had some tests done here are the results-
    wbc 7.1
    rbc 4.67
    hemogloben 13.6
    hematocrit 40.9
    mcv 88
    mch 29.2
    mchc 33.3
    rdw 13.2
    platelets 251
    lymphs 35
    monocytes 5
    eos 3
    basos 1
    neutrophils (absolute) 4.0
    lymphs (absolute)2.5
    monocytes (absolute) .4
    eos (absolute) .2
    baso (absolute) .1
    glucose seum 84
    bun 13
    creatine serum .7
    bun/creatine ratio 19
    sodium serum 138
    potassium serum 3.9
    chloride serum 102
    carbon dioxide total 25
    calcium serum 9.6
    protien total serum 7.3
    albumin serum 4.4
    globulin total 2.9
    a/g ratio 1.5
    bilirubin total .5
    alkaline phosphatase serum 91
    ast (sgot) 26
    alt (sgpt) 38
    antinuclear antibodies direct 24
    rheum arth factor
    ra latex turbid. 6.4
    tsh 1.438
    sed rate-westergren 3
    any info would be great! Thank You!

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    Re: a lot of body pain

    Hello to you!

    First of all, I want to tell you that it must be very uneasy to have a child and not feeling good. I am very sorry and I hope that New Year brings you better health!

    I am not a DR by any means, just will try to help you as much as I can here
    1. You described your migraine headaches; yes, this is true that most migraine headaches concentrate on either side of your head. Even teeth hurt, feels like your eye wants to pop out.
    Migraines can be due to hormonal dis-balance, stress/anxiety, thyroid issues and sometimes without any visual reasons. You have to go to your DR and have simple blood test to show how is your thyroid doing.
    Since you gained so much weight, your thyroid could get "hit" seriously, causing imbalance.
    I picked up from your post that you sensitive to cold/heat, almost passed out, according to you. These 2 symptoms by itself, can be caused by over/under active thyroid. Do yourself a big favor, see a DR.

    2. Your blood pressure is excellent; many people would be happy to have such blood pressure. You are the lucky one b/c usually in over weight people, blood pressure can be very high. BP always fluctuates. It can be 100/80, you can walk for 5 min and take it again, and it can be 10 points and more up. Nothing to worry about, its perfectly normal.

    3. You mentioned about heart palpitations; once again, if your hormones/thyroid issues present, it may cause heart palpitations. For someone with weight issues, every movement causing heart palpitations as well. Not my place to tell you this sweetie, but exercise is the best solution, you will feel like a new person! For your physical well being and your mind - yoga, gym, swimming, etc.
    But to be on a safe side, just go and see your DR if you have persistent chest pain.

    4. You mentioned you cant have bowel movements for days. Remember another thing; if you dont go for so long, you develop a lot of gas, acid and this can cause "chest" pain and palpitations as well. Feels sometimes like you have a heart attach, meanwhile it simple GERD. I go through this often. I have heart disease so can easy recognize by now what is what.
    You must take care of your constipation. Don't concentrate on negative thinking that if you dont go, it means you have serious disease.
    Simple natural home remedy can help you tremendously if you take good care of the problem every single day. I am on serious pain medication, I am also the one who was born to be constipated. Most people have some type of problems in that area. You can be either way and have to say, as bad as constipation are, being on opposite side can be even worse. My hubby is on opposite side, often we cant leave our house...
    Make sure you have a lot of fiber in your daily routine. Not only I eat a lot of veggies and fruits, I eat dry figs and prunes every single day. I take extra fiber, at least 4 scoops during the day. I take Miralax every night. Tons of water, I mean a lot. Milk of Magnesia is another good remedy.
    May I ask you WHY do you let yourself to go this far without having bowel movement? I had my spinal surgery and was on severe doses of Morphine and didn't move for a while. I had no choice, since you are not allowed to push, I couldn't sit to walk/stand b/c of pain. So by the time I was able to go, it was more than 2 weeks. I was in bad shape, will never forget, I was facing another surgery to avoid bowel obstruction.
    After that time, I would never let myself go a day without BM. Nobody will be able to hep you with this if you dont change your died, avoiding chocolate, white flour, sugar, and other junk. Eat healthy, do what you suppose to do to help your digesting system. Run, jump - also helps your colon to get more "alive".

    I hope this helps somewhat. I am not a DR and I dont believe this site with good people can help you to find all answers needed.
    Would be a great idea to go and see a specialist.

    Best of luck to you!

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