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Calamity77 03-31-2012 05:26 AM

Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
Hi. I am new to the forum and looking to share my experience with others and see if anyone has some ideas about a diagnosis.
First of all, it would be accurate to say i have been under immense stress for several years coming to terms with my husbands diagnosis of aspergers, a subsequent marriage separation and becoming a single parent. I have been on anti-depressants for 2+ years and prone to anxiety attacks. So not really a suprise that my health has taken a turn for worst in the past 6 months.

Symptoms started 6 months ago with
*overall generalised stiffness (particularly from waist down)
*right foot/ankle swelling after activity
*pitted oedema
* pain in ball of right foot, particularly around area of first toe. Pain led to significant burning, numbness, loss of balance

Symptoms progressed over the months and now i have flares of
*all of the above plus
*ankle pain/weakness
*wrist pain/weakness
* loss of ability to balance/support myself
*stiff, swollen fingers
* stiffness on getting out of bed, chair, car (needing aide of walking stick)
* swollen glands in my neck
* sore throat
* feel like i am getting a cold but it does not really progress to anything
* prolonged exhaustion after exercise
* sudden exhaustion where I just have to lie down
* on and off nausea / headaches
* odoema extending upwards from my ankle
* petechiae type rash on top of both my feet
* callouses appearing on hands/fingers which itch and peel. never heal completely.
* 1st toe on my right foot has now altered shape permanently (bending downwards and to the left)
* Mental exhaustion - too tired to think through things.

I have been on and off anti-inflammatories for months. The symptoms never fully go away but there are better times At their worst I feel like my body is just going to give up and i will die.
ANA - positive 1/160 speckled pattern
RF - mildly elevated
all other bloods within normal limits.
Foot X-ray showed no nothing abnormal

I am due to see a rheumatologist in a few weeks. At the moment I feel so exhausted trying to work full-time and raise 2 children.

Calamity77 03-31-2012 05:51 AM

Re: Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
I also forgot to mention that I get hip pain. Sudden turning my body can cause a sharp jarring pain which will make me lose my balance.

I also experience tingling in the hands and up the forearms.

NellieNunu 04-04-2012 01:37 PM

Re: Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
Sounds like Rheumatoid Arthritis to me...I had most of those symptoms.
Good luck to you and, if you would, please keep me posted.


Calamity77 04-23-2012 08:39 AM

Re: Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
[QUOTE=NellieNunu;4955810]Sounds like Rheumatoid Arthritis to me...I had most of those symptoms.
Good luck to you and, if you would, please keep me posted.


thanks for your reply. i saw rheumatologist who suspect early RA. he is running more blood tests. In the meantime I have been found to have a synovial intermetatarsal bursal mass in my right foot. I am being referred to an orthopaedic surgeon with view to have this surgically removed. it looks like there is also nerve involvement. i am unclear if this is related to the overal auto-immune condition or a separate issue (i suspect related from the research i have done)

NellieNunu 04-23-2012 01:16 PM

Re: Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
Hi calamity77,
Yup, all your symptoms sound related to RA. Once you get started on a treatment regimen you will feel a lot better. I take a million pills a day, and gladly so. Rather do that than have my symptoms. I hope you feel better soon and get started with the treatment.

ShadNuke 05-06-2012 01:35 AM

Re: Undiagnosed Auto-Immune Condition
I would have to agree, it sounds like RA to me. I was diagnosed about 5 years ago, and have gone from mild to moderately severe symptoms in that time and had a lot of the same symptoms you have, and still do. The meds I am taking don't seem to help a whole lot, but I have tried so many and just haven't found one that works. I am in line to try Orencia next, because at Christmas I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to Rituxan. I'm still on Enbrel, but it doesn't give me much relief. My Rheumatoid factor was off the charts when I first found out I had it, but has come down in the last couple years, I am assuming from the few meds that I am taking. The sooner you can get onto meds the better you will feel! Hope you find something out soon, and would love to hear what your rheumatologist has found with your tests. Keep us posted.


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