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kmm324 10-31-2012 08:38 PM

Ana 1:160 speckled and High Muscle Enzymes over 6000
I have been feeling my crap for the part 5 months.

Heavy head, headaches, surreal eye vision (like drinking alcohol), join pain, muscle aches, fatigue (I want to go sleep all the time, I almost have a hard time staying awake some days). Tight neck, cold hands, and feet all the time (giving that it is cold outside, but only 40-50's). Stomach cramps, upper back soreness. almost like everything I've injured in the past is flaring up.

(I did have tingling which is why i went for all these tests) but right after that tingling stopped, then I was sore and joins started to ache.

I do not have loss of coordination, double vision, vertigo, rashes, balance problems (I can still swing my golf club over 100 mph)

Its mostly on my right side, in my right knee and wrist/elbow. My shoulder is extremely tight, feels like after I had a cramp and My muscles get fatigued quickly, like they seem to be tired all the time causing uncomfortably.

I looked into a bunch of symptoms and the only one that really matches me is either hashmoto's or hypothyroidism. With an ANA 1:160. Not extremely high but noticeable. (seeings they both run in the family, muscle diseases do not)

My CPK levels were over 6000 and I felt fine( just sore here and there).

Before my test, 3 days before I worked out my shoulders so hard that my Deltoids, Lats, Traps, chest, biceps, triceps, and lower back were so sore from going to hard without conditioning my muscles (which i've done before). I wonder if that could have caused it but I'm not sure over 6000. I take Bodyrush pre workout, Animal Pak Multi, Animal Omega, and I take protein like 50g to 100g per day. That night after my bloodwork, my right trap cramped and burned so bad it kept me up throughout the night.

I'm curious if taking something like that could have raised it or maybe I have a serious issue I'm sick about...(nervous)

I scheduled an appointment with a rheumatologist. and I have repeat bloodwork tomorrow. I'm trying to drink a lot of water, avoid fats, and such so see where I stand with my CPK levels again.

Can someone please tell me maybe what to except or to consider so I can talk to the doctors next week. Thank you!!!

VeeJ 11-15-2012 05:26 PM

Re: Ana 1:160 speckled and High Muscle Enzymes over 6000
Hi. Based on what I've read & on my own diagnostic ordeal, I believe ANA can elevate in a number of conditions in addition to the two you mentioned. But, unfortunately, ANA alone isn't diagnostic of anything.

On your bloodwork, did your CPK level of 6000 show as elevated? I think CPK can elevate in myositis, possibly dermatomyositis, too. Not sure what else, though (sorry). You could ask.

For sure, drugs and other products can affect susceptible people in unusual ways, so I'd take along a bag of everything you take now, or have taken in the last year or so: that would include prescription drugs, OTC's, and workout products.

I know people who had a milder self-limiting form of lupus called "drug-induced lupus"; also people who got severe muscle pain from prescription cholesterol meds & BP meds---i.e., just got really nasty side effects.

When I was seeking answers, I took as few things as possible, even OTC's, so that my tests would reflect the "real me" as best possible. You could ask the doctor about that, too.

But please take the above with a big grain of salt, as I'm merely a patient! Anyway, let us know how you make out. Wishing you good luck, sincerely, Vee

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