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sandra2468 11-15-2015 07:42 AM

Back problem could be a colon problem
Hi there,

I have had low back pain on waking for over 10 years.
I am positive that there is a connection with my anal problems.
Back specialist says no connection.
I am in a bad way verging on rectal surgery so I may not be salvageable.
My so called prolapse symptoms do not entirely add up. Some uterine descent but symptoms do not match.
I believe diverticulitis may have been missed with colonoscopy 3 years ago.
I believe there could be a connection with long term back pain.

This may not be right for me but it is definitely another angle to explore before embarking on a surgery. I wake early morning with anal discomfort.
I sit with anal discomfort now. The back pain chronic which is probably facet joint related or bacteria related. I was looking into a possibility of going on an antibiotic for low back pain. However it is not confirmed orthodox treatment as yet in UK, well I am researching on the net. P. acnes bacterium is know to be the culprit re Denmark and Uk newspaper articles 2013.
The docs will go out of business if we find good antibiotics to help us. I have been so against these drugs, but now I think may be, just may be some of these past postings may have given me some hope.
I need some more appropriate scanning.
Our NHS here is not good, and although I use both private and NHS even then things can be missed if you have other problems they focus on other things.
I have been offered a very complex Ventral rectopexy surgery which lifts the bowel, however mesh is used and mesh erosion could be a complication problem. Also I may not be cured with this. I will look to find a good gastroenterologist now, believe it or not this is where I began 4 years ago.
This may be diverticulitis after all.

teteri66 11-17-2015 05:55 AM

Re: Back problem could be a colon problem
Is your anal pain only when sitting? I assume you have been examined for coccydynia...but that is better described as tailbone pain. Where is the location of your chronic back pain?

sandra2468 11-17-2015 02:41 PM

Re: Back problem could be a colon problem
Thanks for getting back to me really appreciate.
No have not been examined for coccydynia.
Pain is on waking early morning which felt initially as a continuation of my back pain. I began with early back pain only for 10 years. So the anal pain is early morning can be 5am on waking after lying down for say 5 hours. Everything worse now. When I wake have to lift my bum off the bed and go on my side. Getting up instantly helps. Now the discomfort is with me 24/7 in a subtle way throughout the day.
I have some internal rectal prolapse intussusception.
However was initially dismissed.
Also womb, bladder right down.
Could you give me info re coccydynia.

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