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mcy 11-22-2015 01:31 PM

Upper chest and back pressure and discomfort
Hi all!!

So over the summer I had a severe migraine and went to a chiropractor to get adjusted after numerous people told me it was my neck or spine causing the headache. Sure enough after I got adjusted, my headache went away but upper chest and back discomfort began a few days after. No sharp pains, nothing helps the tightness. I went to the ER one day thinking I was having a heart attack, they took an EKG and blood work, both coming back with no signs of heart problems.

I'm a 23 year old female, 5'11 and 145 lbs, healthy for the most part, eat well, exercise a couple times a week and have never had any serious diseases or illnesses. I do however have anxiety disorder that I've struggled with since the second grade. I used to have panic attacks once or twice and year and now I'm having them once or twice a week.

Drs won't take me serious and look further into things that concern me such as this chest and back discomfort because they say it's just stress and anxiety, which could be likely but that's not the satisfying answer I'm looking for to get some reassurance.

The sensation in my chest is so hard to explain but I get weak and shaky muscles in my arms much more quick than normal, usually I can lift pretty heavy objects but lately I get tired and weak just lifting bags of groceries into the house. The pain is localized at the top of my back and between my breasts. It does not hurt to the touch and I can't pin point exactly where it is. My arms get numb and tingly feeling as well as my shoulders every now and again. Especially when I'm driving or holding my arms in front of me at all. I feel like when I bend certain ways, it's worse but never hurts to the touch. I find myself holding onto things when I bend over. I also feel very dizzy and motion sick a few times a day. (Could be anxiety related also?) I do feel short of breath every once in awhile when taking walks or doing yoga and I never used to feel short of breath. Also, this has been happening for months. Since June and it's now November. It's making me so uneasy and it's making typical daily tasks, a struggle. Even going to work is hard. I'm so desperate for any advice. I don't have insurance and am knee deep in medical bills already. Should I see a chiropractor again? Is this heart related? Anxiety? Panic? I have no clue. Thank you for listening to this rant and any information would be greatly appreciated.



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