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Everlong 05-19-2017 07:00 AM

23 years old - Scared with my body/strange arm pain
I am 23 years old and my last two and a half months have been a horror movie - I had never had major health problems. I am writing this to vent and because it may be that someone has suggestions on what to do or what's happening (if you bother to read this will) ... At the beginning of March I had a "wrick" feeling on my back as I swept my room. At that moment I did not cared that much and I continued to clean the house ... I had already had one or another situation like that and as it always was resolved quickly, I did not bother ...

For some years before, I was having mild pain in that same low back when I was sitting for some time In the same position, in walking, stopping and walking again, etc. But nothing that worsened my quality of life, so I always ignored. In fact, on the same day of the "wrick", I ended up doing (stupidly) also a giant walk, in a course full of ascents and descents. I continued to make efforts, carrying loads of shopping, traveling bags and backpacks (as I have always done since I studied at university, often stupidly ignoring buses and making unnecessary efforts) ... Until a couple of weeks after that "wrick", with the lumbar spine constantly sore, I felt pain radiating from my legs as I rose from the table after supper. I was scared and went to the hospital the next day. They dispatched me with painkillers and anti-inflammatories that I could barely take because they were causing me dizziness and tummy aches. I decided to go to a neurosurgeon who prescribed new medication (two painkillers, a stomach protection and a small dose of injectable cortisone) and asked me to do an MRI scan of the lumbar spine.

As a result, the L5-SI disc was somewhat dehydrated and had a small herniation / protrusion touching the sciatic nerve, everything else was normal. The doctor said it was nothing special, that I might have occasional pains from now on, but that in time, after this accute phase, Ishould stay close to the state I was before this incident. He told me to avoid weights, bad postures and wait during some time. In this consultation I also complained of a feeling of pressure in the left arm (I was only able to subside this sensation if I pressed/made strength in the fist) that I started to have when taking the medication, but he did not care ... However, this sensation of pressure became a sensation of constant burning through the left arm (especially between the wrist and the elbow, the focus of pain moving to the shoulder). Then the right arm joined the party, although this one only gives me intermittent. I do not feel any weakness, the pain is indifferent to the displacement or resting of the arms.

In the middle I began to experience facial and cervical pains due to temporomandibular dysfunction - the two discs of the joint go where they should not. I went to a specialist who made sure to reassure me after palpation and said that it is banal, that it is only due to dental malocclusion - she's almost sure using braces or a drip will solve the problem, I'm about to go to a doctor for that ...

Due to the persistent pain in the left arm and the pain in the lumbar and legs not evolving, I decided to return to the neurosurgeon and to visit another one to have a second opinion (this one also did not find my magnetic resonance to the lumbar to be anything that serious) and he asked me to to perform an electromyography in order to detect irradiated cervical lesions to the arms, nervous system problems and an early degenerative tendency of multiple discs of the spine. Result: everything normal. Both doctors agreed to take a drug called Lyrica (for neuropathic pain) for a month to see if the arm improved. In relation to the lumbar, they say to wait a few more months because it is likely to improve - although they emphasize that there is always a chance of being operated on later. This post should be as chaotic as my body is, but I informed the doctors of all the problems, how and when they came up, etc ... including the question of the jaw. By normal electromyography, illnesses such as multiple sclerosis have likely been ruled out ... I am going to have a resonance also to the cervical, although by electromyography it should be okay in this part of the back, acorrding to the doctors.

I do not understand what's going on and I'm so afraid it's something systemic or immune like I am to simply stick with these pains, like that, forever. I'm starting to get desperate, it's been more than two months since it all started ... And I do not understand what the hell is going on with my arms. If it could be circulation, bones (rheumatism / arthritis, I already had a fracture in the arm, another in the wrist and another in the left hand when I was younger), muscles ... I do not know which experts to go, I do not know anything! It's scary and disturbing that it's all happening at the same time ...

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