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Tori41 04-17-2019 11:22 AM

Physical Therapy for Spondylosis with Lumber strain
Unable to convince regarding an injection for the degenerative Disk with Scoliosis weeks away, I went to see more expert Spine-Specialist who diagnosed with Lumber Spondylosis and Lumber Strain as carefully checking on my MRI. He took for about 30 minutes sitting besides me to explain it in detail.

He prescribed Meloxicam 15mg. to add my current meds., Tylenol 650 mg. four time per day and Gabapentin 400 mg. per day which immediately eliminates pain on both, lower back and hand/fingers.

Along the way, he recommends to take Physical Therapy.

Now, however there is no more pain thanks to a wonderful Spine Dr. with an incredible med. regimen., I wonder whether I need PT?

Any inputs would be truly appreciated.


Titchou 04-17-2019 02:23 PM

Re: Physical Therapy for Spondylosis with Lumber strain
Because that med regimen may not be sustainable-ulcers,gerd,etc- PT for a more permanent fix may be best. PT helps get more room between the discs and the vertebrae thereby relieving the pressure causing the pain. Try this -sit in a non rolling chair with arms. Raise yourself up by pressing the arms of the chair with your hands and raise your feet off thefloor.. Or do a child's pose. Either should give you some relief. That separation can eventually become permanent thru PT

Tori41 04-17-2019 03:33 PM

Re: Physical Therapy for Spondylosis with Lumber strain
Thanks for the response in regard to Physical Therapy.
In the past, .... about 10 years ago, I went to Chiropractor due to 'pinched nerve' on the shoulder and it helped. However, some relief after two to three months on that, I took some sort of rx'ed pain-relieved med., only very small dosage which ended pinched-nerve completely and never came it back.

Yes, I believe that I need PT, although my very current spine-specialist dismissed degenerative disc with scoliosis. He mentioned that it's related to my age and most of elderly folks have one. He's many years' experience dealing with different spine-issues as reading his web-site.

I'm a kind of old-fashioned elderly lady, then it's out of question for me to undergo 'injection-therapy' with opioid and similar one. For that, I'm truly happy to have found a current dr. even though I spent days searching over Internet.

My next dr. appt. is 5 weeks' away, then I talk to the dr. regarding how often I need to do PT per week. As much, I'd like to wait PT after Labor day, since I love working around my backyard tending flowers and shrubs until the weather getting cool.

yayagirl 04-18-2019 08:20 AM

Re: Physical Therapy for Spondylosis with Lumber strain
Dear Tori,

I can so relate. I'm old-fashioned and elderly, too.
I love to work in the yard, and just cannot do what I once could.

Doing some physical therapy can help a lot to strengthen muscles and get limber for garden work. I would not wait till after working in the garden. There is no reason not to do both. It helps a lot to spread out the work time span and do stretches before and after gardening.

Pay a strong neighbor to do hole digging. Mainly do use proper tools and do not stress your back. Get a back brace and use it while gardening.

Sit on something so you don't need to bend from your waist. If you have to bend over it is imperative to sit first. A metal folding chair works great and can be easily stored out of the way. Just don't sit it on damp soil. There are also plastic gardening stools.

Mainly if you get pain you already overdid, and the older we get the slower it is to recover. So do whatever you can to avoid bend over at the waist or to get over tired. The garden isn't going anywhere and will need attended to all season. :)

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