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gizmo73 10-15-2019 12:23 AM

Severity of MRI Results?
I've had significant mid back pain ever since I fell down the stairs in 2015. Also, every female family member on both sides has a history of early-onset osteoporosis, though my last dexa scan in June was ok, though they did not measure my back for some reason. An MRI done in 2015 found a mild wedge disc deformity which I was told was no big deal. But as of the past four months, my pain has steadily increased to the severity where it is stopping my basic daily living activities such as standing for more than 10 minutes or sitting in a car. I had an MRI and am awaiting my dr appointment on Monday to interpret the results, but my family members are telling me that the results are probably going to be considered "minor" again and nothing can be done again. I'm not talking about surgery necessarily, but I'm hoping there are other treatment options open to me. Thanks.

"There is a chronic wedge compression deformity of T8. There is a prominent Schmorl's node in the superior endplate of T10. The remaining skeletal structures are normal signal intensity and appearance. The remaining vertebral body heights are well-maintained. The alignment of the thoracic spine is normal. The intervertebral disks are normal. There are no disk bulges or disk protrusions. There is a fluid collection probably representing an arachnoid cyst extending from T7 to T9 in the posterior spinal canal. The neural foramina and nerve roots are normal. The spinal cord is of normal size and intensity. The paravertebral soft tissues are normal."

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