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satz 11-25-2019 07:43 AM

L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
3Hey Everyone,
43 yr old guy here. Just had my L5/S1 microdisktomy.

Injured it in 2013 November, took alot of PT and 2 injection and nearly a year to heal.
Then hurt it 2018 jan - Recovered in 2 months on gamapentin
then Jan of 2019 hurt it after sneezing for months with flu , phemonia , bronchotis.

struggled the whole year, i would wear a brace and do krav mega a mixed martial arts ,
my scatica hurt like hell after a riding a motorcycle all day or if i go to the track and race on the motorcycle.

anyway, i was given 2 injections in Sept which actually flared everything.
had my surgery last monday. i was on pain meds for 3 days and now i take one during night time to grab a good night sleep.

I am back at work as i am not sure if its good or not.
Surgen said i can return in 1-2 weeks. I work from home . i am doing 1/2 day for 3 days and then off for thanksgiving. My commute is 8 stairs.

i have a standing desk at home and a good chair. i stand and work for a while and then sit and work. i do some phone calls for 30 minutes in the morning.

i do walk upstairs for a coffee, water or snack and down every hour often. i plan to laydown after lunch and watch tv or snooze.

Plan to take it easy till feb where i fly to India which is a long flight from usa and then maybe start riding motorcycle in april.

dr appt in dec 11

i was not given any instruction other then BLT and 5 lbs .


teteri66 11-26-2019 07:30 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Welcome to the board. Did you have any specific questions?

It is important to keep moving, in a sensible fashion, to not sit more than about 20 minutes at a time and to avoid any repetitive activity or motion. Walk outside, not on a treadmill, for instance.

The trip to India is fraught with potential to harm your healing. Is this necessary?

I personally would not start riding motorcycles so soon. You really need to be healed thoroughly or you risk rupturing the disc again. It takes a good long time for it to heal and toughen up....otherwise you end up with chronic herniations, eventually leading to fusion.

satz 11-27-2019 05:11 AM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
thanks , very confusing as Dr says i can return to normal activity in 6 weeks and so are my friends who had back surgery`s. He is even says i can return to Krav Mega in 8 weeks which is all kicking and alot of back efforts . while sparing one gets kicked alot of the BT nerves. i am taking a year from that and jujitsu as its a
ground fighting martial arts and its all back and legs.

Going to ask him on my checkup about the trip. which is 12 weeks post surgery which i am told by all my research is the go time even major back surgery. i already moved the vacation and do not want to really loss 8k in the package.

i hurt my back by going to buffets , sitting on my buttt and doing nothing. i avoided surgery for 8 yrs by being active and lossing weight. funny that sitting and eating causes so many issues not doing martial arts, racing motorcycles and hiking in the Appalachian.

teteri66 11-30-2019 08:09 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Well....I am a wet blanket! Having gone through four lumbar surgeries over the space of about ten years, after having visited probably about 15 spine surgeons (lost count) , etc..., and being fused from L3-S1, I can only offer you some practical advice!

First, you donít say how old you are...but I am guessing fairly young (at least from my perspective!). I can only suggest you think about what you want to be able to do in life in the future! (Not immťdiate short term). What quality life do you want in a decade or two? I know almost no one who had just one back surgery.

After my first two surgeries, (the very first fused L4-5), where I was given no guidance and the very cheery ďoh, you can go ahead and do whatever you want...Ē I began working with a couple non-western/non traditional technicians who focused on body mechanics, kinesiology, structural alignment, etc. Spine surgeons know very little beyond their specialized training falling between the neck and sacral area...and, furthermore, arenít all that interested.

I think, if you simply rely on the optimistic words your surgeon is giving you, it may work for awhile...but Iíd be amazed if you arenít setting yourself up for lots of misery down the road.

Even with a micro-discectomy, it can take up to a year for the damaged disc to heal and to set up strong and gain some toughness...kind of like scabbing over. Prior to this complete healing, you run a greater risk of reinjuring the area. I will also mention that with each subsequent injury, particularly if you have had sciatic pain, the nerve itself can become scarred as it can develop scar tissue just like the herniated or bulging disc.

Iím not saying give up what you love doing. I would just urge you to be thoughtful, donít necessarily take what your surgeon tells you at face value and think about your life beyond the next couple years!

Also I donít know anyone who recovered from major back surgery in 12 weeks time. That is absurd! Youíre over the initial recovery...but far from having complete energy back, far from having healing completed!

If you go to India, be sure you get up often and walk up and down the aisles of the plane. Sitting for more than 30-45 minutes, is detrimental to healing!

satz 12-01-2019 01:28 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Thanks , I am 43 . I am taking a easy year and once after maybe 6 month maybe start to work out. I am getting so many feedback itís confusing . So many great recovery and a very few bad scary ones. Hopefully I will not be a scary story. I listen to my body and leg .

2 weeks down , I have to return to work so a lot standing , walking around my office ,. When tired plan to lay down as I work from home.

I have entered the phAse I hAve been with out pain meds like Tylenol for a week , so trying to walk and bend at knees . Hardest is putting sock while sitting down . I keep scarring myself moving all the time .

Flying to india i have upgraded from economy for leg room. also have i am travelling with family so i can move around a bit more if needed and move the kids around.I also have more leg room and its more a recyliner than the economy seats. i have done this flight before and wednesday night flights are empty atleast for the 2nd haul from london to chennai india. If its needed i might jump up a class so i can get the bed . The wife and kids will carry the luggages haha .other than that take it easy and get some sun .


teteri66 12-05-2019 06:01 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Good! Those plane upgrades will help.

Let me pass on an exercise that will be helpful to you. It is very easy and is a natural form of traction.

Lie flat on your back, knees bent, feet flat on floor. Be sure spine is straight and aligned. Do a pelvic tilt to be sure pelvis is in neutral position.

Place arms close to sides with palms facing upward toward ceiling. Now, relax and breathe deeply from belly, so you can see it going up and down. Lie in this position 2-5 minutes, breathing gently....

Thatís it. It is a natural form of traction that unloads the discs and helps to realign the spine.

When my sciatic pain was really bad, I sometimes could be found doing a quiet corner of an airport, a dressing room in a department store, etc. when I needed to get the pressure off a spinal nerve!

To this day, I do it morning and night. It is good for people who donít have spine problems...and great for those of us who do! And you do, regardless of surgery!

satz 12-16-2019 09:11 AM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Saw the Dr and its been a Month, No leg pain and weakness is getting better. I went from having trouble climbing 10 stairs to now doing 50 or so. I am walking slow as i still have the Limp and the tingling has improved .

i up for PT by Jan 10 the NP asked me to wait for a few more weeks. i am getting stronger and major change is my appetite which has led me gain weight due to all meds.

i am still on gemapentine for few more weeks as she felt just finish what i have left help with healing.

teteri66 12-19-2019 03:04 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Glad to hear you are doing better. Continue to be mindful and take care to avoid sitting too long, etc. Hopefully improvement will continue!

satz 12-23-2019 08:47 AM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
One more thing for those who need to sit, i got a Scatica Spine cusion that lets you sit without putting stress on Spine and you carry the weight on your thighs..

Started Gym now , just walking and biking. but its good but was sore after the first day. Not even too long or fast.

satz 03-09-2020 07:20 AM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Went to my first PT and the guys said you have a piraformis issue and did something. Was in terrible pain for a month.

Now i am rehabbing on my own and alot better with pain, still have a limp and the pain is 2/10 . By butt is still numb and i believe its the piraformis causing the issue. The surgery on its own cleared alot issues..

I will update this after a few months on where i go. i did move my india trip to aug as that was right after the flareup and i could not sit.

i am seeting the neuro in few weeks but hopefully the piraformis settles down. so i am one of those who can say the surgery did not fix right away as i had a 2nd compounding issue .

satz 11-24-2020 01:15 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
1 yr later
No more enough pain for opioids
Going to gym
Activity level is medium now
Can go on 3000 mile road trips [driving]
No limits on travel

Left leg does hurt
Limping when tired.
Numness in the back of my leg

I just go a injection a month ago and it seems to have elevated some issues. Crazy year but for now i am better off with surgery even with limitation

I can do some serious weights and still not sore. i get sore if i do not go to gym for 3-4 days
Can ride motorcycles maybe 300 miles or all day. My days of riding 1000 miles are done
I did try to get on a race track , but only lasted for 3 session due to severe cramps in my calf. But i am better now so next spring will give it go

Still i can only walk 2 miles every day as the limp comes back and start to hurt a bit, But right after it i can ride a stationary bike or elliptical for 20 minutes before weights.


teteri66 11-28-2020 06:09 PM

Re: L5/S1 Microdisktomy 11/18
Glad to see an update on your progress. Sounds like you have worked hard to rehabilitate. Keep it up, and, good luck!

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