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Nailgurl 01-23-2020 10:08 AM

MRI or no MRI
Hi everyone I know this is just a forum and no doctors but just looking for any input or similar case. The short of the long story is @ 4 years ago i woke up and could not walk xrays same day showed a cyst on my spine. The insurance company refused me to have an MRI right away but eventually the did. By the time they did the surgery to remove the cyst it had grown and flattened a nerve that left permanent nerve damage so then injections, spinal stimulation implant, acupuncture,pt, IV reset treatment ect ect. Then my back showed to much movement so they did a fusion. I am always in pain but I guess you could say ďMY NORMĒ. But about six weeks ago the pain moved and is pretty severe from lower back to butt and down left leg. It feels like there is a very tight elastic that will not stretch??? I canít stand up with out pain or twist or put my left shoe on. I thought maybe I just pulled something and it would go away but again it has been there for about 6 weeks and seems to be getting worse not better. So they did xrays yesterday and that showed a small cyst on the right side (it had been there the whole time and I knew about it) also showed the hardwear looks fine and of course arthritis. I am set up to have a MRI but not sure if I should. I have had back/leg pain forever it seems but this pain is different so I am second guessing myself is it arthritis or Lyme ( yes have Lyme too) or is it really my back just telling me ouch?? I canít imagine arthritis being that painful and do not know a ton about Lyme but I do know my back is screaming, burning.

MSNik 01-23-2020 01:41 PM

Re: MRI or no MRI
Have the is fairly common once you have fusion surgery that you will need it again in a lower area... an MRI shows 100x more information than an Xray shows....including muscles and nerves, which do not show up on an Xray. Get the MRI.

teteri66 01-24-2020 11:10 AM

Re: MRI or no MRI
Definitely have the MRI.

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