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kkosechata 02-02-2021 12:52 PM

L5-S1 ALIF recovery
Surgery is Feb 10th. Concerned about what recovery will look like. Very little help with mobility.

rosebud55 02-02-2021 09:32 PM

Re: L5-S1 ALIF recovery
When I had my surgery they provided me with a back brace and also a walker for home. Then a physical therapist came to my home for the first few weeks and after that I went to outpatient therapy. I also had pain medications. I also had a bedside commode and a bar put my the toilet. I did find it hard to sleep in a comfortable position at first, but every day I got a tiny bit better, it takes time. If you live alone prepare yourself with easy to make foods, plenty of beverages and I set up my side table by my chair with my computer, my phone, snacks, drinks, remote and a blanket and pillow. The walker was a big help. It has been several years before I could stand up straight, now that I have had the surgery, I can stand and walk straight without pain.. I wish you the best. I personally am happy that I had surgery as I put it off for years because of fear. I am no longer fearful and happy that I did it.

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