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Ashwat2100 04-27-2021 02:57 AM

Thoracic region pain
Male 21 , height : 5"8 weight 80kg. India
Hello, i am having back pain in my thoracic region since 2 years..i visited my orthopedist before the pandemic and was under his observation for almost 3-4 months, some blood tests I don't know the names but i can tell the names of factors written on the tests(uric acid,
rheumatoid factor , cbc, crp , esr, hlab 27) were done all were normal, hlab 27 was negative , xray was normal too and so was the MRI.No change in the pain. I joined physiotherapy(when lockdown was lifted) , they didn't find any abnormalities in my back , did it for 2 months the pain got less but it never vanished. Electro therapy didn't work they just did it for 2 days and then stopped. I had to stop the physiotherapy due to certain reasons and so i joined a gym which was near my house i did almost the same exercises which i did in my physiotherapy center. The pain got decreased since i started the physiotherapy but it dropped to a certain point and stopped also whenever i used to get up in the morning it was difficult for me to relax my spine, i had to stay upright for few mins/hours this thing got decreased after the physiotherapy but again never vanished. What could be the cause? Also what should be my next step in the treatment? Haven't been to the gym since 2 months due to my exams plus i got infected by covid and now it's a lockdown here so all the gyms are closed. The pain has increased a bit since then.

BrittleBones 04-27-2021 02:44 PM

Re: Thoracic region pain
I'm sorry that you are having so much back pain Ashwat. With Covid lockdowns it's so frustrating to try and get any treatment. As far as what the next step should be, I would think your orthopedist would be the best person to ask. Just wanted to reach out and wish you well.

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