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Cprovo4 04-17-2022 02:28 PM

Chronic Lower back muscle spasms
I had back pain on and off for 6 years from 19-26. I had a mri which showed a slight bulge next I tried cortisone shot, facet injections two rounds of physical therapy chiropractor decompression table. Nothing seemed to help but yoga and core work. Iím 34 now and have been pain free for the last 8 years of doing yoga and core work daily. For the last month I have been having chronic muscle spasms. I have been to massage therapists, chiropractor. My X-ray showed a slightly smaller disc spacing at L5-S1 which was the same when I had my mri in my 20ís. Never any pain down the legs all just on the sides of my spine in those muscles. Iíve been doing light stretching core work and nothing hard. Has anyone ever experienced similar things if so did u figure it out and what is it? Iím starting to lose hope again.

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