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watermelontime 04-30-2022 05:42 PM

Interpret results please?

Is there someone that can help me interpret my results? Iíve had a ALIF/PLIF and a laminectomy but are still having severe numbness and pain in my right calf, foot and bottom of foot. This is the MRI that was done about 8 months ago:

L4/5: Anterior instrumented fusion with anterior plate and vertebral body screws. Interbody metal cage device and bone graft. Bilateral decompressive laminectomy defects with decompression of the central canal. No residual central stenosis. No evidence for nonenhancing residual or recurrent disc material. Bulging disc component results in mild to moderate bilateral foraminal stenosis with mild to moderate facet arthrosis
L5/S1: Right laminectomy defect. Decompression of the central canal. No evidence or residual or recurrent disc material. No foraminal stenosis. Mild facet arthrosis.

Thank you for your help!!!

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