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Skyentist 05-05-2022 10:43 AM

"Failed" lumbar fusion (no pain relief)
Hello fellow back problem folks!
I've read every sticky I could find on this website and I'm still worried I might break a rule in my first post so please let me know if I do - I tried very hard to make sure I read all the rules and am abiding by them.

I'm in a quandary with my PM doc of 3 yrs (the only post surgery doc I've had). I like them a lot and they seem to be genuinely compassionate and wanting to help.... However, my spondylolisthesis surgery was not a success as far as pain relief. The bones fused, the rods and screws are in place, but my pain has increased with each passing year.

I told the doc I could feel something shifting again so xrays and an MRI were done last month which shows that yes, the next vertebra up is now slipping at grade 2 and is unstable. While the news was very frustrating to hear, I did feel slightly relieved that I wasn't imagining it.

I've been on the same dose of opiates for 2.5 yrs and the PM doc says their hands are tied because of CDC guidelines and they cannot up the dosage. This feels slightly untrue, or mildly exaggerated, and I get the feeling they don't want me as a patient anymore since they say at every single appt, "If you feel I'm not managing your pain then you can try another clinic."

I don't know the rules exactly on what I can say about what I'm taking, but it is under 100mg of oxy per day. I'm terrified to go to an actual pain clinic because I can't follow their rules. I can't drive, I can barely shower even with a chair, so I could never get the call and be there in 2 hours for them to count my meds.

My main question is this: is the CDC actually limiting my doctor? I've had the same doc and pharmacy for three yrs and hate to change.... it's extremely difficult for me to trust a new doctor.

Sorry for the long post, it just feels so nice to find people who understand. Thank you!

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