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  • Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

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    Old 05-29-2007, 12:22 PM   #181
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    Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)


    thanks for digging up this thread. I wish I'd seen it months wouldn't have changed my decisions in any way, but it would certainly have changed my mood at times...and to hear so many stories is really incredible.
    For example, the agony of stopping off for a pint of milk on my way home from work, or going out to post a letter...oh, how I know that

    I also have a lot of comfort from the fact that these guys are no longer posting here...the success stories standingman wanted now being told by the absence of his and other's posts...

    So, for my contribution...I have the more classic stenosis symptoms with no obvious cause but very obvious effects (pain, pain, pain...swollen nerve).
    Pain evolved from occasional (say once a fortnight lasting a day or two)cramps when walking and standing for periods of time, which eventually led to being unable to stand, walk or sit upright for more than 5 mins, every day, all the time. Crouching and bending over was (and still is) the best relief, at which point pain level is near zero. So, lying on the sofa watching telly was no pain, but standing in a queue at the grocers was hell.

    I tried injections, nsaids etc...nothing touched the leg cramps. Nothing major on the MRI except a huge L5/S1 nerve. Some degeneration and Small hernaition of disc, and a bit of a bulge above, but nothing remarkable. I still believe this lack of info from the scan is a positional pain lying down = no compression to see.

    I eventually had surgery on April 4th 2007. The surgeon removed the bone that was likely trapping the nerve and cleaned up along the canal. As he said, there's nothing much left to trap the nerve now. Unfortunately I've had no improvement at all. I get pain lying flat now, which means first thing in the mornings are guy said something about making that cup of coffee in the takes me four goes to make the coffee, but yes, its worth it! So, to sum up...bent over I'm fine, straight I'm in agony.

    I'm maybe not the best person to ask about how long to wait for surgery. My surgeon told me today that its nerve damage that would have been avoided if I'd had surgery earlier...but we tried everything possible before surgery, and I didn't even see the GP until I'd been having problems for around a year or so. So, perhaps if I'd seen someone way back when, I might have got in for surgery at the point the pain became chronic (every time I stood/walked)..but that's still 1 year of on/off compression.

    Upshot now is that I've been prescribed neurontin and I'm just waiting to see if the nerve will heal itself. But, I'm confident it will eventually. My surgeon said something today "you have to recuperate"...there may have been something lost in translation (I live abroad), cos obviously I have to get better and not be pain eventually, but I think he meant "you have to give it time". Patience really is a virtue. These guys were writing posts 3years ago and they're no longer on the boards. I've done 2 years, I can go a bit longer I reckon.

    Good luck all

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    Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

    I haven't read through all of the posts so if I am repeating what others have said forgive me! I had a hemi-laminectomy June 1st 06. I reherneiated just a few months after the first surgery and had to have a laminectomy done on the same spot L5-S1 again January 25, 07. Since having the second surgery I have my life back. I am pain free, knock on wood most days I feel like I never had a back problem I feel so wonderful. If I stand too long or sit for too long I get a little achy but nothing like before I just do some stretches and I am good to go! It was a long and painful road getting here but I do not for a single second regret having had either of my surgeries. Before them I was in so much pain I wasn't doing anything I loved doing and was miserable. I am back to doing the things I love and I am one happy camper. I check in on the boards occasionally to see if I can lend some support for those going through what I went through and to show that there are happy endings with spinal surgery. Most people when they feel better leave and you dont get to hear how well they are doing. I check in to give people hope.
    Good Luck in your decision!


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    Unhappy Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

    Hi all,

    I don't mean to be a party pooper but as I write this I am in so much pain. I had a laminectomy on 3-15-07 and I am beginning to question if I did the right thing. There are some subtle changes. But now I am experiencing heel pain, and I cannot sleep on my left side without my left leg waking me up. I also experience my leg going out on me at times when I am walking. When I went to see my surgeon and asked for more pain meds, he says to me "you're still in pain?" as if he could not believe that was possible. I am taking percocet, they don't really get rid of the pain but they take the edge off. Right now I am on the verge of tears because I have no med insurance (long story) I hope to have it in about 3-4 months. I guess I just needed to vent. I walk, am not overweight, am under a lot of stress (another long story) and just want some relief. I read that sometimes the surgery has to be redone. I don't know if I can bear it. My pain worsen after I was rear ended in 2005 and after trying everything I knew of, I had the surgery. Please forgive me but thank you for giving me a place to vent. I am glad that there are good results, it lets me know that maybe something can be done. I tried oxicotin, and was pain free but had nightmares but it was almost worth it to be pain free for a few hours. I've applied for disability but that in itself in another long story. I am also 55 years old. Just needed to exhale

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    Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

    [QUOTE=abennett;3011267]I am facing, more or less, the same set of circumstances that "standingman" was four years ago ie stenosis, "somewhat" manageable pain, suggestions by some surgeons for some sort of nerve release surgery, and a total inability to make up my mind! Some "war stories" on laminectomy/laminotomy operations would be helpful. Anybody know what "standingman" eventually did?[/QUOTE]

    Hi, I had a laminectomy nine years ago for stenosis and did well. I had second laminectomy two weeks ago, stenosis at higher level in back, and am fine but for some annoying numbness around my knee, that does not cause me not to walk, but feels like leg is tingling just under skin. Dr. said he did not know what it is, like real helpful. Maybe it will go away. Anyone else have numbness in one spot after laminectomy?

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    Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

    [QUOTE=susanlynne48;1028677]Thanks, I need all the support I can get. I "think" I'm prepared. I have a walker with wheels; am getting a "potty lift", have a TV stand on wheels that I'm going to put all of my necessities on so I can just wheel it from room to room. Am trying to get my garden finished (soaker hoses, so I don't have to bend or turn). Have had all my blood work, xrays, EKG, done. Toured the Spine Hospital yesterday to see what it was like. Only 20 beds, with a 1:4 nurse ratio, which sounds good. Will get all my bedding, laundry, cleaning, etc. done this weekend. Bought some nightwear that buttons in front, so I don't have to reach around or bend over to put on. Can you guys think of anything else?


    Hi, get a reacher so you can pick up stuff you drop, and put food you want on reachable shelf in refrigerator

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    Re: Good laminectomy outcomes wanted (really, all experiences)

    I have been reading a lot on these boards. I am sure that I am no exception.

    I began having hip/butt/leg pain almost 5 years ago. It came and went and sometime was very bad. In the last 8 months it got really bad and I had a lot of trouble with daily life. I went to a chiropractor, exercise, and acupuncture. Nothing worked.

    It got so bad I had to take off work and use a cane to get around. I went for an MRI and it showed a massive rupture at L5/S1. My doctor recommended a nerve block epidural. I had that done and it helped a little, but still had a good bit of leg pain.

    I went back to the doctor one week after the epidural and told him that I still had a lot of pain. Not to mention I was taking flexeril and Oxycodone.

    He told me that it would not get any better with another shot so he recommended that I have a laminectomy. He scheduled it for April 4th 2011. It was outpatient.

    I went in and had the procedure. Got there at 630 and went home at 1130. Once I woke up ALL the leg pain was GONE!! My foot was not numb and cold anymore either like it was. I got home that day and rested a good bit. I did walk around inside my house and ate a good dinner. I had trouble sitting and it did hurt to lay down at first.

    On day two I was able to walk around inside my house a lot better and did not sleep as much. I also took a shower and my wife changed my dressing.

    On day three I walked outside about half a mile. I did fine.

    One day four I walked a mile and a half and have reduced my meds dramatically.

    On day five I drove my kids to school and the leg pain is still gone.

    I do have a bit of pain in my back where the incision is and the muscles a a bit sore. My leg pain is completely gone.

    I have a followup post op two weeks after my surgery. I fully expect a release to go back to work.

    My surgery was a success and I am totally relieved.

    I am not a workman's comp case and I do not want to be. I want to get back, grab life by the horns, and do my life the way I want to do my life.

    I hope this helps those that are looking to have this done. You have to want to get better and not feed off of others giving you attention for this issue.

    Do not push yourself either. Get off the opitates as soon as you can too. All this will push you to a faster recovery.

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