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CINDERELLA 01-12-2003 06:24 PM

I have had back pain for 7 years, tight muscles etc. I have recently discovered that my left hip (and leg) are higher than the right side. This is obvious on my xray and yet no one has mentioned it. I see on the net that this can be fixed by adjustment, then again I am told you need a shoe lift. Who shall I see, can I stretch this somehow. my treatment providers have always fixed the symptoms but they always return presumably because the hip problem is never addressed. Please help.

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ChristinaD 01-13-2003 06:38 AM

Have you been checked for scoliosis? I have it and my hips are uneven.

Marielle 01-13-2003 08:34 AM

Hi Cinderella :wave:
I had a serious injury 20 years ago and broke my scapula and clavicle. I notice now that my right side is shorter than my left. Trying to find out how much this is affecting my back problems now (3 annular tears and herniated disks).

The doctor who gave me my discectomy results was not interested in answering or discussing the shorter side topic. I'm going to try to get in to see a neurosurgeon as see what he may have to say regarding this matter.

Please let me know how your situation comes along as I am very much interested. Hope you don't have too much pain to deal with. Catcha later!

Sorry meant to say discogram results instead of discectomy! Just don't know where my mind is some days!

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AlisonM 01-13-2003 09:42 AM

Hi....My right side is higher and I have terrible pain in my Si joint. One doctor found this but after adjustments, the shoe inserts, and stretchs it is still a major problem for me. It is called SI joint dysfuntion and it feels like there is a dagger stuck in your SI joint. There isn't much than can be done, but if you have a fusion it will be worse.

22 yr old female. Married. I have ddd, multiple herniated disc L4-S1. Multiple dehydrated disc. A congenitally too small spinal canal. Arachnoiditis,Lumbar spondylosis. Si Joint dysfunction, and scolosis of the neck!
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bikerchic052 01-13-2003 12:03 PM

I also have this problem due to my scoliosis. My hips are crooked as well as my pelvis and my uterus is tipped (learned this while having 3 kids lol) I also have horrrible pain in my right hip all the time, my PT said that my legs were uneven too. Now im not sure if its from my hips being crooked or what. I may be having a fusion surgery, how will that make my symptoms worse?? just curious.

Michelle -----35 y/o------ diagnosed with scoiliosis at 16 wore brace for about a year-------- Had partial disc removal due to rupture at L4-L5 in 1998.--------- 2002 - MRI shows bulge at L4-L5, large mass of scar tissue at surgery site. have pain down right leg,hip and numbness in ankle. ------- Diagnosed with DDD and LLD ( leg length discrepancy) given a lift for right shoe. ---- Jan 6 went to ortho doc for 2nd opinion.-------was given 2 options -suck it up or have a fusion at L4-L5, given anti-inflammatories and facet block at L3-S1 on Jan 10th, and return appt for March 3rd to see if better or have surgery :(

tenntod 01-13-2003 01:59 PM

When my pelvic was crushed, there was no surgery they could do to put all the pieces back together again. So I lay in the hospital with sand bags positioning the legs, feet, pelvic area, and my torso. Flat on my back not able to move for 8 weeks.

The doctorss did the best they could as far as re-aligning the bones. They were most concerned about saving my life. I had some pretty serious internal injuries.

So, if you were to look at an x-ray of my Pelvic Girdle, all the bones have been re-arranged a bit! For example, on the right side the "ilium" which is the big flat bone towards the top of the girdle. You can't miss seeing it. Anyway, it healed 30 degrees forward from it's original position. Which is side to side on the body. That may not make a lot of sense so I'll briefly explain.

If you were to stand above me and look straight down from the top of my head, down my spine to the Pelvic Girdle. You'd see the ilium on the right side has healed forward 30 degrees rather than pointing out straight, to the right side . So naturally that has rotated everything around with it. From my sacrum (which doesn't even look the same) on up my entire spine, including the ribs on the right side. So, the hip joint, and ilium bone is about a inch higher on the right side. The same goes with the shoulder, it just rotated everything.

When you've been crushed as bad as I was. When so many bones were broken completely in half, and pieces floating around. Well, you consider yourself "lucky" that those bones are anywhere near their normal position. And you can imagine what it does to the muscles and connective tissue.

Actually, nobody even notices that my shoulder is an inch higher than the left one. At least I haven't had anyone ever ask about it.

I have a question I want to ask everyone, but I think I'll place it under "new topic." This information might be of help to some of you. Especially to Michelle with your tilted pelvic floor. It just might be that you can get it put back where it belongs.


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franjo 01-13-2003 04:33 PM

I also have a tilted pelvis due to scoliosis. As a child, I wore a two-inch lift on my right shoe. At thirteen, I had a femoral osteotomy where they took out two inches of femur bone in the longer leg. This evened out my legs and allowed me to wear "regular" shoes....a major big deal when you're thirteen. I would suggest having someone check you out for scoliosis, as it's a common cause for leg discrepancies...franjo

CINDERELLA 01-13-2003 04:59 PM

Wow, thanks for all your replies, you guys sound way worse than me, how do you cope. I dont. I have a little scheuermans and a little scoliosis, maybe the higher hip causes this rather than the other way round. I have one shoulder higher than the other. I feel very unbalanced and am hoping a chiropractor I am going to will help. My pain is from a lot of over compensating muscles, I will keep you posted.

CINDERELLA 01-15-2003 09:04 PM

Hi, I went to a new chiropractic centre to talk to the chiropractor only to find she has changed her practice to Network Spinal Analysis. She said my problems are from my scoliosis. No one has ever made much of an issue of it. I have had a lower shoulder since childhood, the doc said my head is too far forward and my shoulders should be further back. My husband came with me and was amazed he hadnt noticed my posture. I came out feeling a bit suprised. Has anyone any experience with Network Spinal Analysis? Its theory is to teach the brain to release tension in the spinal cord itself.

plymouth 01-16-2003 07:06 AM

[quote]Originally posted by franjo:
[b]I would suggest having someone check you out for scoliosis, as it's a common cause for leg discrepancies...franjo[/b][/quote]

It's the other way around, frango :)

The leg length discrepancy causes the scoliosis.

~p :)

franjo 01-16-2003 10:41 AM

Plymouth....bear with me here. My legs, if measured from socket to heel measured there was not a true length discrepancy. The discrepany was manifested by the tilted pelvis which was caused by the scoliosis. So I'd have to disagree with your statement. If someone with a normal, straight spine would stand up straight and hike up one hip, their legs would show a discrepancy because their hip/spine positioning had changed. Think about it....franjo

franjo 01-16-2003 11:44 AM

I just wanted to add that I don't discount that it could happen the other way around. In my case the scoliosis caused the leg length discrepancy. I still stand by my original statement that scoliosis is a common cause of leg length discrepancies. Said in good spirit....franjo

CINDERELLA 01-16-2003 05:33 PM

Franjo- you sound like me. The doc said the scoliosis is causing hip problems. When I lie down my left hip is higher and when I stand my right hip is higher. What treatment are you having. I dont know what to do I have been to everyone and had lots of treatment for the tight muscles but no one said it was scoliosis causing it.

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