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isillyme 01-19-2003 09:13 PM

Does seeing a chiropractor make you worse
I went to see my doctor yesterday about my sciatica/neuritis, and I mention to him about my upcoming surgery that I will be having. I mention to the nurse that seeing the chiropractor is the only way I am able to walk right now, and she was surprised I'm still seeing him? If this nurse knew the battle I've been thru, she would perhaps see it my way. Anyways it was the chiropractor that told me my back needed surgery 8 years ago, and NOW the doctors want to due surgery. The nurse was telling me well the chiropractor can make you worse, I'm wondering if the chiropractor is making me worse, then why is it I'm able to at least walk and be able to work I wouldn't have been able to do this other wise. I'm just wondering if anyone else in here heard that a chiropractor can make you worse, when in fact they have actually have helped you? I'm just curious that's all :wave:

PatnOscar 01-19-2003 10:37 PM

Hi, Welcome to the boards!
I'm having a spine fusion(L4-L5,S1 on the 27th, you didn't mention what kind of surgery you are having and when. I tried a chiropractor a few months ago, and I felt that it made my back a lot worse. I wasn't in as much pain as I am in now. And my really bad pain started only after 2 time of going to the chiropractor.
But, I'm sure it al depends on your owm body, some people swear by them and some don't. This is just my own opinion, good luck! Patsy

Sarah68 01-20-2003 01:47 AM

I have to say that I think everyone reacts differently to it and if it has helped you walk, then carry on. Great. I suppose a nurse, working in a conventional environment has to make some comment about a practitioner that is still thought of as alternative.

I have had moderate results from seeing a chiropractor, but as my body seems to respond better to energetic adjustments, I have always found that acupuncture treatment works better for me. What I have found useful, is having a chiropractic adjustment, then leaving this to settle for an amount of time and then have some acupuncture treatment following this. Works great for me.

Good luck.

Merrida 01-20-2003 03:10 AM

Agreed with Sarah. The battle between traditional western medicine and anything viewed as alternative medicine has been heated and long-lasting. It would be like asking a Chevy dealer what he thinks of Fords. They both deal with transportation and trucks for the purpose of getting you around, but their views are extremely different and very biased.

You will rarely find a medical practitioner who is supportive, so it's important to make your own experience, make your own decision. We all react differently.

Just like you cannot say driving a Chevy is bad for you (sorry, best analogy I can come up with), I think it's unfair to say alternative/chiro/eastern medicine is bad, too. They're not all created equal. The skill lies within the practitioner as much as with the expectation of the patient.

Personally I believe in the blend of easter/western/alternative for me, - my body, - it's worked for me and kept me out of surgery when the neuros, orthos, and pcp's wanted me to have surgery over a decade ago.

I'm in pain but mobile and finding my own way.

But that's me.

It's important you find your own path and follow it and understand you will not get support or benediction or endorsement most likely. Think of my truck dealership analogy. They both want to sell you on their line, they both can find fault with the other models,...but both have their own benefits.

Who knows, you may need to drive a japanese sports car to feel better! :)

chitrick 01-20-2003 06:18 AM

My personal experience with a chiropractor was disastrous. But it was my "medical" doctor who initially suggested I try using a chiropractor, as she herself had been helped by one, for her own low back pain. My health insurance did not cover this type of alternative treatment, so I was on my own in that regard. After the initial set of x-rays and complete exam/consultation, it was determined that I needed several weeks of 3-times a week "adjustment" visits, combined with 30 minutes of neuro-muscle therapy after each adjustment (a cost of $75 per visit).

I'd arrive at the office, in horrible pain. But at least I was able to walk. When I'd leave the office, I could barely even walk. All the while, this chriropractor quack keept telling me, "it's just going to take time..." Not once, did he tell me that he couldn't help me; or that perhaps I should go the "medical expert" route. After almost six months of this, he decided that he wanted me to see a "chiropractic" neurologist for further tests. This would have run me another (minimum) $750. At that point, I said "screw this garbage" and returned to my family doctor, for a referral to an orthopedic surgeon. It was the best move that I could have ever made. My surgeon explained that he was not opposed to patients seeking alternative methods for relieving their pain. But he did say that this chiropractor should have never continued treating me with my symptoms as they were, after the first two or three weeks.

I've had many friends who have been helped tremendously by chiropractors (this one that I used, included). But I will NEVER go to another one for as long as I live!

isillyme 01-20-2003 08:30 PM

The surgery I will be having will be the prodisc surgery date is yet to be determine, I'm still waiting for approval by WC. Right now I see a chiropractor, and in water therapy to keep my strenght up, and to recieve the best results from the surgery. I will have the surgery on L4-5 still a little nervous on it, but I am looking so forward into having it too.
I have heard some horror stories about chiropractors myself, but the one I go to is fantastic, and he is very supportive on this surgery that I will be having.
I have an IME appointment on Friday hopefully then, my surgery will be approved by then.

Telzey 01-21-2003 12:42 AM

Hi isillyme :wave:
I think that if you feel better after you leave the chiropractor's office then you are being helped, not being made worse. If you were in worse pain after the adjustment, that would be different, and then I'd recommend stopping chiropractic treatment.

I went to a chiropractor for years and I don't think they made me worse... but they did misdiagnose me and told me I had scar tissue in my low back when what I really had was a tear in my disc.

I agree with what some of the others have said. And I really think that there are both excellent and terrible chiropractors just as there are good and bad medical doctors. The trick is in finding the good ones!

Sounds like you've done that for both cases. Good luck and stay in touch! :)

All the best,
[img][/img] Telzey

4 years of back pain
Annular tear L5-S1 diagnosed 3/02 via MRI
IDET 12/2/02
Still a little sore, but getting better all the time!

kathy23 01-21-2003 06:26 AM

Hi there,

i just wanted to say that i used to work for a chiropractor. i used to get worked on by him and i really think he is the reason why my back is even worse today than it was back then. i will be honest though, i had seen many people come into the office barely walking and felt 110% better when they left him.

i think everyone is different and what helps one person could be disastrous to someone else. if it is helping you and you feel better then i think that's great!!

take care

winged phantom 01-21-2003 01:22 PM

Exactly, everyone is different; each person has a different degree and different place of damage in his/her spine. And it these wide variations that make it impossible for us to tell whether chiropractics will help.
Yesterday my neurosurgeon cautioned me about getting any done on on my C-spine, because I have several herniated discs, moderate to severe abounts of stenosis, and lots of spurring, etc. It's the stenosis that is a real cause of concern, from what I understood; the wrong manipulation could harm the spinal cord, because there is no cushioning around it (there is no fluid all around, because everything is pushing in on the cord).

So unless you know the type and degree of damage, you might be playing with fire.

Merrida 01-23-2003 06:37 AM

It's amazing to me how many balk at the thought of initially seeing a chiro 3 x week for a few weeks and then tapering off to 1 x week then to either nothing or maintenace,.... yet physical therapy does the same thing, see a physical therapist several times a week, then reduce that, and so forth. They can also leave you in worse pain than before, and I've seen it. I've seen people not respond well to physical therapy, or chiro. And I've seen people who DO respond well to physical therapy or chiro.

But the point is trying to generalize and call them "quacks" because of a bad experience is short sighted.

I'm trying to maintain a degree of objectivity with my dentists but I've also been to six different ones within a year and ended up worse,.... not basing my opinion on even one or two bad experiences.

We are all different. An italian restaurant is not like any other, to have a bad italian meal and assume "all" italian restaurants are dives, is not an objective opinion.

Plus, things do take time, - whether it's exercise, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic,... things sometimes for some people do get worse before they get better. And likewise sometimes people get immediate results.

Insurance companies like to treat us all the same expecting we all should heal instantaneously with the same results and that what looks good on paper (ie: surgical intervention) should prove immediate and 100% cure-rated results.

Doesn't work that way.

Until we are treated as individuals, and that includes modalities, many of us will be in unnecessary pain.

Life isn't what [i]happens to you[/i] -- it's how you [i]react to it![/i]

chitrick 01-23-2003 06:59 AM

Merrida...As I am the only one here that used the term "quack" in describing my chiropractor, I assume your comment about short sightedness was aimed at me. I my instance, the guy was certainly a quack. He was out for one thing and one thing $225 that he collected each and every week for nearly six months. I didn't know any better at the time. But he saw that his treatments were not only doing me no good. My condition was worsening with each and every treatment. A certified practitioner would certainly know that there are certain conditions that can not be corrected with chiropractic adjustments and manipulations. And that fact should become evident to them after the first couple of weeks. But this guy just kept having me come back every single Monday, Wednesday and Friday. All the while, telling me "It just takes time".

By the way...the courts agreed with me on this matter, to the tune of $1,750,000.

Merrida 01-23-2003 09:35 AM

So you were awarded a settlement for over a million bucks -- you were vindicated.

My point is that nope, there is not always a way to know if what we are doing will work or not because the human body is not a machine. There are variables.

In my own career, there is no way I can tell when I am working with someone whether or not they will benefit. I go in with the best of hopes because statistically and theoretically, they "should" respond.

But, they don't always.

Sometimes it's because of organic issues, sometimes it's because they're not applying themselves, sometimes it's because I'm the wrong person for the job, not because the practice is wrong for them.

I am not trying to justify this one chiro, but I am trying to back the profession as a whole, and trying to DE-pigeon-hole them -- they are not all quacks.

When I collect money from people it is not because I am trying to scam them. Yet, I've certainly encountered people who 6 months later are all angry at ME because they signed up for training, met with me once a week, and 6 months later they haven't lost weight. Why? Is it me, that I am a quack trainer? Without jumping first to that conclusion, other considerations must be considered such as: what *else* are they doing, or not doing, to hinder their progress.

There was a chiropractor in my home town that seemed to get all the business, he had the biggest ads in the yellow pages, appeared on all the local cable shows, did all the interviews in the newspapers,... and he charged, quite literally, four to five TIMES as much as the chiropractor I had grown to know and love for treatment who ran his practice out of his house, not a huge elaborate clinic like this other "more famous" chiro.

This guy did more harm to the practice and did more to injure the reputation of chiropractors in the entire valley than a dozen orthopedic surgeons could have done with failed back surgeries. Now why is that?

There are far more people injured with failed back surgeries, in need of intensive, and FAR more expensive, repeat surgeries and repairs,... than there are who are adversely affected by chiropractic manipulations.

I'm sorry you were ripped off, but at least you got your vengence. I am sorry there are people out there who feel the need to either intentionally rip people off from their money or set out to deceive people.

And perhaps I am the version of you who feels so negatively about dentists because I've been ripped off by so many of them and quite literally have gone through all of our money trying to fix ever-evolving issues.

Life isn't what [i]happens to you[/i] -- it's how you [i]react to it![/i]

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