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Memer 05-14-2003 12:37 PM

Anyone with neural foraminal narrowing and facet disease at L4-L5?
This is new for me. I have numbness and pain in the leg and also back pain. MRI just shows neural foraminal narrowing and facet joint disease at L4-L5. No herniations or disk problems in the low back. Anyone with experience in this area and ideas for what can be done? Appreciate any help.


oakleygirl 05-16-2003 07:12 AM

Those are two of my symptoms, also. However, I have a lot of other stuff going on, too, so I can't tell you how much pain is coming from what.

What I do know is exercise, walk, walk, exercise. For as long as you can, this is best thing you can do to keep from developing more symptoms of DDD.


Memer 05-16-2003 08:11 AM

Thanks, Oakleygirl.

From what I understand, all of the disks in my low back look good, really good, on MRI. No narrowing, bulging, or herniation.

It's the nerve roots (neural foraminal narrowing) causing the problems, I guess. The facet disease might be a contributing factor, but that is mild.

I haven't heard of anybody having nerve root problems without disk problems; but according to my MRI, I do.

I'm just curious as to how this happens. I do take very good care of my back.

Thanks again, Oakleygirl.


oakleygirl 05-16-2003 09:21 AM

I just went back and looked at my MRI findings. It says I have moderate left narrowing due to bulging disk and osteophytes. Did your MRI show any steophytes? These are 'bone spurs' that develop when your back tries to stabilize itself.

You don't say how old you are, but if I had known twenty years ago what I know now about taking care of my back, I don't think I'd be in this predicament.

Good Luck to you!

Memer 05-16-2003 09:48 AM

Hi Oakleygirl,

No osteophytes are mentioned. The MRI just says the narrowing may be in part due to the facet disease, which I assume contains osteophytes, but it doesn't say what else is causing the neural foraminal narrowing. That's what has me wondering. I think maybe the radiologist just couldn't tell why there is narrowing. I don't know. That's why I was looking here to see if anyone else has this problem and could help me out--for the future, I mean.

I know how lucky I am not to have disk disease in the L-spine. It's a long boring story of how I know, but I'm so thankful for that.

By the way, I'm 40 (and admitted it :D).

Thanks for trying to help me find answers. I guess you know how important that is with your history.


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