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AMK34 05-15-2003 10:01 PM

Surgery sceduled 7/01/03 for an anterior/posterior (360) fusion to L4/L5
Hi all,

Just an update surgery has been scduled for 7/01/03...finally. Anterior/posterior (360) fusion to L4/L5 with a bone graft from my hip.

Doc went into all the details with me.

the sugery will take about 8 to 10 hours.
the vascaler surgeron will go first to open my belly.
then the hip surgeon will harvest the bone from my hip.
then the ortho surgeon will go thur the front an insert one to two cages between L4/L5.
then they wil flip me over and insert the rods and pins there.

i will have an ng tube down my nose into my stomach foe three days until my system starts to work again.
he estamates that i will be in the hospital for five to six days.

then i will have to were an LSO brace three to six months.

right now I schudling for two unit of blood to be drawn so they can give it back to me during sugery.
plus all the pre-op stuff Im trying to get schduled.
like blood work, ekg, chest x-rays,brace fitting, surgical clearence from my primary doctor.

God I feel so overwhelmed!!!!!!!and scared.
But I also can,t wait till it's done

cnasandy38 05-16-2003 08:04 AM

hello, wanna wish you good luck, im sure your scared i now i sure was, my surgery was 7 1/2 hours, i had 3 level postier lumbar fusion feb 14th, kids were scared when i got back in my room after surgery, my face was so balloned up, from laying so long, so if your gonna be under that long prepare everyone...i haveback brace also the hard plastic kind. had it on for 3 months now, dr told me to keep on another 6 weeks, till my next helps alot, it might be a pain, but, i feel it when i dont wear it,i can only take off when laying down....i ended up being in hospital for 12 days, on the 6th day back to or to remove 2 of my 8 screws.....i had hard time....but not everyone does...just the lucky ones like me :) well good luck on your pre-testing tests, if you have questions were all here to help in anyway we can, they all sure helped me.....take care......sandy :)

jdog 05-16-2003 08:05 AM


I wanted to wish you the best on your upcoming surgery. I hope that everything works out as you want it to and the surgeons are "in the groove."

I hope you have someone lined up for a few weeks after your surgery to help you do stuff from getting dressed to getting to the bathroom to eating. Help is the most important thing. If you don't, seriously consider letting your surgeon prescribe an IN-PATIENT rehab facility. I spent 3 days at one after my ACDF. I got 3 square meals a day, someone to teach me how to dress myself with arms that don't work anymore, physical therapists to work with me to get the muscles needing help the help that they need.

We're all pulling for you. Let us know (or have a friend drop a post) about how you are doing. Take care!


theresagreene 05-16-2003 08:26 AM

Dear AMK34,

I too wish you good luck on your surgery. I pray it will do for you what needs to be done. Do you have someone to help you for the first few days at home?

I was petrified before my surgery so I can empathize with you. You'll do just fine. Take care and chin up!

AMK34 05-16-2003 08:46 AM

Hi everyone,

Yeah I'm scared to death .... but to live like I have been is not an option. I want my life back. this will be my fourth surgery since March 2002 so I'm no stranger but this will be the worst yet. after my other surgeries i was sore but self sufficant. Hopefully this will be my last.

thanks for all your prayers and support. It really helps. I do have some help but not 24/7. do you think I will need someone all the time? anyone been thourgh this?

any info would be great.


AMK34 05-16-2003 09:49 AM


How did your surgery turn out? Are you feeling better? Did your pre-op problems go away? How long did it take? Did the just go thourgh your back? as you can see I have a million and one questions. I hope you don't mind. Taking the subject off me I really would like to know how your doing? Hope you are well and getting better everyday.

Thanks sandy.


cnasandy38 05-16-2003 10:46 AM

hi anne....well as to how im feeling now? im still in alot of pain, they did alot of work on me, so dr said im gonna take awhile to heal, im still on pain pills.. my pain i had pre-op is gone (yeah)!! but have pain where i had surgery...hip pain still sore, ihad bone graft done also...mine was just thru the back..i have pretty big scar....i have my good days and bad, i just have to know when to say when(which is hard for me) im used to doing everything, i dont like to sit still, but that seems to change after surgery, now all i do is sit around the house dont wanna go anywhere, ya just about got to beg me to go somwhere....i worked as nurses aide at hospital, loved my job, but they had to let me go not able to do my im sure if im ever able to go to work someday i'll have to do a different line of work, dont know what always been cna....well..think of some more questions i'll try to to ya soon....have a good day!!!! sandy

ReneeRAF 05-16-2003 09:07 PM

Hi, Good luck with your surgery. I had 2 level posterior fusion on May 1, and am now 2 weeks and I am able to get up by myself and get dressed. Still haven't had any success in putting on my own socks????. I needed somebody all of the time (just in case of falling). My surgery took 10 and 1/2 hours and when I awoke in the hospital, I felt like somebody ran me over. Just like everyone else said here, having somebody to help on a regular basis is the best thing for you. Even it it is just somebody to make sure you don't fall, etc.

I donated two and 1/2 pints of blood prior. One pint was giving back to me during surgery and the second before I left, I was very happy that it was my own blood.
Good luck and if you have any questions, let me know.

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