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CMacL 07-24-2003 08:12 PM

How long does a nerve block take to be effective
Anyone have experience on how long a nerve block takes to "kick in"? I had nucleoplasty and a nerve block for sciatic pain last Wednesday. Am slowly recovering, but still have pain in my upper thigh and butt. I'm interested in hearing other's results. Thanks. Love this site, by the way!

lehua 07-24-2003 08:25 PM

Sorry I cant answer your question but I am going for a nerve block tomorrow morning and am very skeptical about the procedure. With 6 back surgeries under my belt (tee hee)its not really an option for me anymore so I am wondering why they are even doing it???

They did tell me that it could take up to a week for it to kick in....

Hope yours helps you any moment now...

lacydoll 07-24-2003 08:41 PM

Dear Carol
All patients are different , but I had 8 or 9 nerve blocks over a period of maybe 2 months for chronic pain from lung surgery and out of all of these ,,only one time it helped for about 45 minutes,,so was very un successful for me and I would never ever have one again..but then not all people are alike.

Texmom 07-24-2003 08:55 PM

I will never never never have a nerve block again. The major prob was my "pain management doctor" who was a complete jerk. I asked him for a scrip before the procedure and he said "call my office". He did not do the nerve block he described but instead shot 6 needles into my back. I was completely numb from the waist down for about 3 hours. Afterwards, when the numbness wore off, I WAS IN THE WORST PAIN OF MY LIFE. I called his office the next day, and got voice mail hell. When I finally got a live person on the phone, she said "go to the ER".

To make a verrry long story short, I was excruciating pain for 5 days. He called in Darvocet, which could have been marshmallows. My pain has returned to pre shot level, and then some, and it's been less than a month. My last period was 11 days long (as opposed to a normal 6) from the steriods from the nerve bloc. I have constant hot flashes from the steriods, not to mention the cysts on my face filled with pus. Never, never, never again.

sgc123 07-25-2003 10:06 AM

I have a nerve block success story (sort of). I had three caudal block shots in March. They did (eventually) help my back pain. They did not help my leg pain or numbness at all. It did take over a month before I felt any difference after having them. I don't know that I would do it again if I had the option. They were very painful for me even though I was told that they didn't really hurt. [img][/img] Unfortunately, you have to jump through certain hoops to be even considered for surgery. I wanted to have surgery right away, but I had to do the block shots and have PT before the doctors would even consider it. I am ending up having surgery anyhow so they should have just done it right away. I would also have less medical bills :) Seriously, though, the block shots are very successful for some people. I waited for almost two months before getting the shots so that may be why it took longer to take effect and bring the inflammation down. Hopefully, you'll get instant relief.
J :wave:

CMacL 07-27-2003 06:22 PM

Thanks for your reply, and glad to hear your back is improved somewhat. I am continuing to recover but have huge ups and downs. Sometimes literally no pain at all, other times it's worse than ever. Thanks again for taking the time to send a "positive" response!

JimK 07-27-2003 08:54 PM

I had an epidural last week for a Cervical radiculopathy. Been on Lortab for 3 months along with skelaxin. I think a lot depends on the docs who treat you. My family doc told me that he could not treat the problem but he could keep me pain free while someone else resolved the problem. My doctors have been great. I am now going off Lortab but am experiencing some withdrawal. My family doc told me he would help me get through this also. I go for another injection Aug. 14. The first one really helped although I still have some pain.
Good luck with your treatments. I now can understand a little how someone feels when they are dealing with neck and back pain.

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