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MarianJ 09-19-2003 04:44 AM

Hello :wave: Christi,

My neuro surgeon has put my physical therapy on hold. Last month he thought my problems were coming from a muscle and this month he thinks both nerves and muscles. He has also ordered the cat scan and if everything comes back OK, then maybe he will let me start therapy.

Take Care.

acme 09-19-2003 05:29 AM

I think PT started for me about 5 weeks after surgery. It only lasted about a week and 1/2! The idiots had me doing exercises that weren't on the to do list from my surgen....They put me in alot of pain! My Neuro told me to stop & just walk alot...He was Pi$$ed at the PT people.


shg 09-19-2003 06:51 AM

Good morning all.

I have not head from anyone who had their operation after me. I think we'll all hear at the same time. As for me and my pt, I'm weeks to about 2 months away. I am allowed to do littl things: stand on my toes, bend at the knees 3-5 inches and do a standing knee bend. Other than that, I'm allowed nothing until they see evidence of bone growth. How about all of you, are any of you allowed something similar?


magnetlady45 09-19-2003 01:01 PM

Hi Acme:

I am with you. I don't even want to do any more physical therapy till I am at least 6 months along. There used to be a time when that was when they started physical therapy. I want to be healed first, then worry about strengthening muscles. I do walk every day, I probably walk about two miles but in 4 trips.
By the way when was your surgery acme?

Tomorrow how are you doing today? Isabel has caused us to have a lot of rain since last night but it ended this afternoon. Humidity always bothers me. Alittle more discomfort today but not as bad as last week. I bought a DVD player so I can amuse myself a little more during recovery.

SHG: when is your follow up appointment with your doctor. What kind of meds are you taking if any. Did Isabel affect you too? It seems like my lower back is a little more tender today but not excruciating.

shg 09-19-2003 01:30 PM


Isabel hit NYC but it wasn't that bad. I awoke at 3:30am b/c of the wind and rain but when I woke up at 7 it was beautiful out. I've already had 2 follow-ups with my doctor with the latest being this past Monday. I'm to see him on October 13th next unless I need to see him sooner. As far as medis, it's weird, I'm taking nothing unless I have some break-through pain which I can take either Vicodin, Percocet or Dilauted. But all in all, I'm taking nothing on a steady basis and that's been the case for a week now. It's weird how I hear from some people saying they take this and take that and I'm just not at that level where I need too.

Like I said on my thread, I no longer gauge my "pain level" on a scale of it's a "discomfort level." I get sore at times b/c of the incision or when I move, I hear a "click" in my low back but that's about it. I just pray that it stays this great.


MarianJ 09-19-2003 03:39 PM

Hello :wave: Christi,

We didn't have that much rain but we sure had a lot of winds. I heard on my local news channel that approximately 22,000 homes lost power. I am one of the lucky ones this time. It is also very humid here today, I thought I was done with the air conditioner but turned it back on today. I still have the leg and foot pain but my back doesn't seem to be hurting as much. I just have to be careful not to move the wrong way.

I think you will really enjoy the DVD player. It is so much better that VHS. I am actually sending my daughter to rent a dvd tonight. Have you heard of the new release this week DreamCatchers? I really want to see that one.

I know that you had a difficult time with therapy but I actually want to start some exercises. I really suffer when I go to cough or sneeze as the pain goes right through my back. And because I have been using so much upper body strength I am starting to suffer some with my neck pain.

Anyways, I hope that you have a great weekend.

MarianJ 09-19-2003 04:33 PM

Hello :wave: Shg,

It is great to hear that you don't need to take pain meds. Gosh, all I do is worry about how my meds will effect me on a long term basis. I have also hear the click in my back, but I only hear it occasionally.
As for the little exercises that you posted those are the same ones the home therapist taught me to do. The therapist also explained to me how important is was to keep the circulation flow in the legs and feet.

Take Care.

magnetlady45 09-19-2003 05:21 PM

Hi Shg and tomorrow:

I get that clicking or cracking in my lower back too. The first time it happened it scared me. I thought something bad had happened but I was told that it was normal. My next follow-up appt. with my ortho is Oct 16. They will take x-rays then to see how the fusion is coming along.

Shg are you working at home like you said you wanted to? What line of work are you in? I am a car salesperson. I really miss not being there but I am determined to get better first. My health is more important.

Tomorrow what do you do to pass the time. Are you walking much?

I am praying that we will all heal properly and live out the rest of our lives pain free.


MarianJ 09-20-2003 08:11 AM

Hello :wave: Christi,

I think that it is great that you can get your x-rays done right in your ortho's office. It does save a trip an appointment to another office. My neuro surgeon's office also had pain management. They are a brother and sister team. And it is also good because all my meds and treatments are in the same chart for my neuro. I have been seeing them both since last September.

As for passing time here I am on my PC with my feet elevated, under doctor's orders. At the begging I was walking up and down my block a couple of times a day. Heck, I even started walking with my walker as I really didn't care what anyone thought. It was drilled into me how important it was for to do plenty of walking for a successful recovery. It was a bit harder for me at first because of my stupid insurance company would not give approval for my back brace. At about seven weeks of not having my brace I called them and told them how I was writing letters informing all that they had approved my surgery but were denying proper recovery for my surgery. The rep put me on hold and called the brace maker's office and gave an approval code and came back on line and told me that it was approved. The brace maker came to my home that same day. It seems as if my recovery is on hold without therapy or walking to much because of my swollen legs and feet. But I am positive that things are going to get better.

I hope that you are still getting better.

acme 09-20-2003 08:27 AM

My Fusion was Oct. 2001! Hey.....almost 2 yrs!! Still doin' GREAT!
Will be doing lawn mowing & yard work this afternoon.....still a bit chilly outside!
Tomorrow is my wifes B-Day.....I'm throwing a surprise party for her......So I'll be on my feet all day .....Vacume the house....Cooking out on the BBQ grill...Picking up after the guests........22 people coming over!
Man's Great having my life back! (& my back ,back)


magnetlady45 09-21-2003 07:11 AM

Good Morning everyone!

The sun is shining and they are calling for 75 degree weather. Yesterday was sunny with about 70 degrees. We had a fall festival in our little town. Quite a few people come through our area because we are in Amish country. I helped make popcorn most of the day. After a couple of hours of mostly standing I had someone relieve me and went home for a little bit. I looked in the mirror and thought my back looked a little swollen. So I put my corset back on and also wore my back magnet and went back up. Boy did that help.

In the last few days I feel pain mostly in my left leg and buttock. This is why I had the fusion done to get rid of that. Some tingling too. I hadn't had that in over a week. Probably due to yesterday's activities.

Acme how long did it take you to get rid of leg pain?
I am concerned that I may have this for the rest of my life especially since this was my third back surgery and had affected the same leg every time.

Tomorrow how are you doing today? Has any of the swelling gone down? Are you still using your walker?


MarianJ 09-21-2003 09:10 AM

Hello :wave: Christi,

Oh, now I see where you got your screen name from.... Does the magnet therapy work for you? I have heard so many controversy issues regarding magnetic therapy. I myself have never tried it.

I think it is great that you attended the festival and were able to stand for so long. The inflammation could be from over doing it. Remember that your body does talk to you.... Also I put ice on for 20 minutes and different times to keep down the inflammation. Glad you did have a good time.

I think the swelling may have gone down just a little but enough to make me happy. Thanks for asking... Oh I only used my walker the first couple of weeks. I had to use it longer than most as I did not have the back brace at first. A couple of weeks ago when I was having a bad time I was debating on using it again, but I thought that it would make me rely on it again and make me weaker. With everything going on I am very determined to stay strong. I have developed a lot of upper body strength since surgery. My husband noticed the muscles in my arms and said that soon they may get bigger then his. My legs used to be the strongest part of my body even with the sciatica, but things have sure changed.

The weather here is also beautiful today as I sat outside with my Chihuahua's for an hour. I hope that you have a great day.

Take Care

magnetlady45 09-21-2003 10:56 AM

Hi Tomorrow:

Are you still wearing your back brace too. I have thought of continuing to wear mine a while longer. I really don't care about how long I have to wear it, if it helps me than that's the important thing. Yes I do believe the magnets help. I have been using them since 1996. They won't cure an unstable spine but they sure have helped me with coping with the pain. I didn't use them when I came home from the hospital after surgery. My back was so sore that anything that came in contact with it caused more pain. I have been sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad and pillow since 1996. That is why I think that I sleep better than most. I also wear magnetic shoe inserts. I definitely do believe in these products. I used to have pain & restless legs prior to using these but that went away when I started wearing the shoe insers. You have to be careful what brand you use because there are a lot of shams out there. I use the ones from a company who has been in business since 1975.

Speaking of pain, one of our neighbors 2 miles down the road was working in his garage(business) this morning. He was taking a gas tank off a vehicle and gas spilled. He tried to clean it up with his shop vac and it exploded. He was down in his pit and managed to crawl out and roll himself on the ground outside. They called for a lifeflight as he is burned over 80% of his body. One of the firefighters at the scene had a beam fall on his head and they had to lifeflight him too. The garage is destroyed. I sure hope and pray that they will make it. Just when we think we have it bad someone else suffers worse than we do.


MarianJ 09-21-2003 06:57 PM

Hello :wave: Christi,

I am still wearing my back brace under doctor's order's. I don't see my neuro for another three weeks and maybe then he will tell me to stop wearing it. But If I have a bad day I will for sure wear it anyway. It is good to hear that the magnets work for you. Anything that can help besides pain meds is great. And you were very smart in dealing with a reputable company. I have seen these items and some can be expensive. At least I now know why you are sleeping better that

OMG, that is horrible on what happened to your neighbor. Thank God he is still alive...... I pray that he and the firefighter will be OK. I can't even imagine dealing with all those burns, and we thought our recovery was long... I think we have to count our blessings. This reminds me of an accident my husband had last summer. He was working outside on his motorcycle. He did not realize after he started up the engine that he gas line came off and was pouring out gas until it burst into flames.... I was in the house when I heard his screams and ran to my back door and the flames were almost as high as my roof. Thank God I had left the hose on when I was outside earlier and he immediately grabbed the hose. He picked up his gas tank that was in flames and threw it aside and that made the flames ease up and he was able to get the fire out. God must have been watching over him because he only burnt the hair completely off his arms. We were even luckier because the flames had reached our gas grill and it did not explode. This year he got my son a dirt bike and I am having a heart attack over it. My son is only 15 and I watched him ride it on our road just so he could test it out. Well, my son passes me about 50 miles an hour and believe me I was angry.. Then I hear a loud bang, and I am like OMG... and I don't hear the motor any longer. So I am trying to move fast to get to the end of my yard, and thank the lord I see my son come running down the road. He is coming to tell me that he is all right and I am already crying hysterically. His brake line came apart and he crashed into the fence on the end of our block. He new I could not get to him and did not want me to worry. Well, his leg was cut and shorts completely ripped. I wasn't angry and longer just relived that he was okay. I told him that's it no more dirt bike and it has turned into a big argument in this house. These men are making me gray..

Take Care.

magnetlady45 09-21-2003 08:32 PM

Hi again:

Well this is very interesting. Yesterday I stood or walked for 8 hours. Today I sat more than stood or walked and today I feel more numbness and tingling in my left leg and foot. It seems like I can't win. It gets dark so much earlier now and I can't walk that much after dark, although I did go for a walk around 8p.m. What is a person to do? I wish I knew how long before all this goes away. I'm sorry if I am complaining. It is so hard when I am used to doing things and am so restricted. I was even thinking about going back to work again but this shows me that I need a little more time. Can't wait till this is all better. I hope a year down the road I can say that it is all gone just like acme says. It does seems like walking is the best thing, however you can't stay standing all day long. What is a person to do?

I talked to one of the firefighter's wife and she said that our friend was burned everywhere except his boots. He is now at the Akron Children's burn center. I do not envy him. I hope they keep him medicated during the next few weeks. I can't imagine how he could stand the burning sensation. They said that when they found him he wasn't complaining about pain but you can imagine that he was in shock.

Anyone have any ideas as to how long it will take for numbness and tingling to go permanently away. I think that the nerve pain will eventually go away because there are days when I can barely feel it and other days I feel it a lot.


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