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  • Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

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    Old 09-14-2004, 06:59 PM   #1
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    Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    Hi, I started PT today after microdiskectomy July 1st for L4/L5 tear and fragment on nerve.

    when she pushed lightly on nerve, I nearly puked violently. She said she knows the two spots not to touch now, and will work around those, but now I am scared to go back! I was sick to my stomach for 2 hours after that. I've had this stomach puking with the nerve before but not for so long! I"m so inflammed back there. She did find scar tissue and will try to massage that loose. Said this is gonna be a long recovery probably, a little at a time.

    Anyone else had this puking sensation with the nerve being touhed? She told me that the nerve was compressed for far too long, and this drop foot that resulted could have been permanent had I not had surgery one week after developing it. But the doctor was in no hurry to operate. I'm so glad I said, "Operate!" and did it! I'm glad I'm in PT. I hope it helps and doesn't irritate that nerve any worse.

    People are asking about compressed nerves on here lately and I hope you are reading this. Compressed nerves can be very dangerous if left too long. And the recovery is much longer. I will probably have some permanent damage, but hopefully it will be something I can live with and not the level of pain I'm at now.

    If you've had this, how long before your nerve calmed down? Did you do anything to help it calm down?

    Please tell me there is hope. She says there is hope but it will be a long time to heal. Doctor said three years on leg maybe. I for one wish I'd had surgery much sooner. We think my nerve was compressed anywhere from 6 months to 3 years if that info helps anyone.

    Yes, denial indeed. I was so in denial I just about denialed my way right out of ever being able to walk again. It's so hard to get good information. Each doctor thinks different it seems and there is so much conflicting advise.

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    Re: Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    Wow, Ladybird, that must be a horrible feeling.

    No, I've never felt that, but my nerve was also compressed for at least 6 months. Do you have any atrophy in your leg? I can definitely notice that my right calf is smaller than my left and that worries me some. I hope it improves over time. I still have numbness in my foot and calf.

    What kind of exercises are you doing? I hope they help you.

    I can't help with the timing as my surgery was only a month before yours and I'm also having tons of problems. Going for another MRI soon, but I'm hoping that the nerve is just "healing", as you said.

    Good luck with your PT. Hope you don't get that feeling again!

    Old 09-14-2004, 11:16 PM   #3
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    Re: Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    To Ladybird988:

    I hate to tell you this, but I doubt very much in the accuracy of what your P.T. person told you about your leg problem. Did you have the symptom of numbness or weakness before the surgery? You need to request a copy of her evaluation and whatever notes she has taken so far. You also need to do the same with your surgeon.
    If what is in their notes isn't accurate, it may be that you have suffered nerve damage during the surgery and they, your surgeon, p.t., etc, may be using your files to cover it up. The longer they can keep you from having accurate post surgical symptoms verified in files by qualified medical staff, the easier it is to disassociate any remaining symtoms with the surgery, and you will not know what symptoms will or won't remain until at least a year from now.
    After a year any remaining symptoms may be claimed to have developed as a result of continued degenerating of your disks. You need to know whether you are being dealt with honestly now. Ask for a copy of your evaluations. If you p.t. asks why you need it, tell her you just want a copy of it for your files. If she refuses or gives you excuses why you shouldn't have it, you need to go elsewhere. (Its against the law for them not to give you a copy of any records).
    If you do go elsewhere, before you go, get yourself a new primary doctor, don't say anything about your surgery, just say you have some sciatica and that you want to do physical therapy. Then get a good p.t. evaluation giving all your symptoms, but withholding any information regarding your surgery. They are going to want to look at your back so you'll need to say you had a surgery 5 years ago in some other location, and that these symptoms are new. They will probably refer you to an orthopedic surgeon, but you tell the doc. you want to have physical therapy first. Get the evaluation and get a copy of it right away.
    Then write a letter to your old p.t. requesting a copy of her file. Bring the letter in person, and get a copy signed there on the spot, signed and dated from the office personnel. If her evaluation differs greatly from your symptoms, then you need to see who else may be presenting a different set of symptoms than what you have.
    I hope you are not having your files used to cover up a surgical damage. What the medical community is doing these days is covering for their surgeons, by using p.t. and doctors files to document the same symptoms before and after the surgery, (whether this is true or not) so that any pain, numbness, or weakness that doesn't go away can be seen as a "failed back surgery" instead of nerve damage due to surgery.
    Failed back surgery means the surgery couldn't fix the problem. The surgeon can't be held responsible. But nerve damage sustained by surgery, people sue because of this. Medical files are used in lawsuits to verify a patients symptoms. But if they all collaborate together, they can wipe out any story you have about your own symptoms so that there is no verification anywhere about how you were after they surgery for until the first year is up and whatever symptoms you have remaining can be disassociated with the surgery.
    This is why you need to see your files, especially the p.t.'s evaluation. Not having accurate files is not good, because should you need further surgical intervention, you cannot have the information in your files used to help you. Any wrong information in your medical files literally makes a liar out of you about your own body. Trying to get the care you need becomes a living nightmare.
    If the file evaluations and info is accurate, then you can trust whatever the p.t. tells you, and be glad you are getting it straight. If the info is wrong, there may be a possibility that your symptoms are being falsefied to protect the surgeon. These p.t.'s, hospitals and surgeons work together these days to prevent successful malpractice lawsuits of their surgeons, using patient files to verify their version of the truth. I hope this isn't what is happening with your case. No matter what is said verbally, know this, it's what is in you medical files that is taken as the only truth, regardless of what you know is truly happening with your body. So check. Ask for a copy of your evaluation. Make sure it has the p.t.'s signature on it.
    I hope you experience improvement. Your story sounds like mine. My files were falsefied. I didn't find for a year. I felt so betrayed, but after a year there is no recourse for me. I can't prove my own post surgical symptoms, because all my files were falsified with the same false info. My symptoms didn't go away like they had said it would. I'm stuck not even being able to provide records to whoever I go to next. I hope this doesn't happen to you. Best of luck. Ricebird

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    Old 09-15-2004, 05:40 AM   #4
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    Re: Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    It took more than a year for my leg symptoms and foot drop to clear up. Even now though I still have trouble from time to time if I overdo. I still have some nerve damage but I had symptoms for 6 years and foot drop for at least 6 months. Try to be patient, it takes a long time to recover from this!

    Old 10-08-2004, 12:07 AM   #5
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    Re: Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    [QUOTE=Josephine66]It took more than a year for my leg symptoms and foot drop to clear up. Even now though I still have trouble from time to time if I overdo. I still have some nerve damage but I had symptoms for 6 years and foot drop for at least 6 months. Try to be patient, it takes a long time to recover from this![/QUOTE]

    Hi Josephine66, I use to be one the boards quite a bit but lately I haven't. Busy with the Docs and trying to get my pain meds right. I have a question for you if you wouldn't mind responding to. I was diagnosed at the age of sixteen with a severe Scoliosis in which I had a Harrington Rod and Fusion done. Now am I 43, a about a year and a half ago I had been diagnosed with severe DDD, and Spondy and still have quite a curvature to my back. My question is that you had an operation I understand for your Spondy, I would just like to know your experience and the outcome and are you any better now. Because I am really thinking twice now about the surgery, I was told that I probably still would be in pain. Anyways I hope you are doing better and hopefully you will get back to me. Take good care!!
    In 1977 had Harrington Rod and Fusion done due to Scoliosis.
    In 1993 had emergency surgery done for Ulcerative Colitis.
    In 1995 had pelvic pouch(internal) done.
    Two months later had to go back and have Illestomy closed.
    Now almost 1 year having chronic lower back pain due to Spondylolesthesis, and DDD, and also still have a 31 degree curse to back.
    Also have a dextro-scoliosis and a levo-scoliosis.

    Old 10-08-2004, 09:50 AM   #6
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    ladybird988 HB Userladybird988 HB User
    Re: Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    Yes, I did have foot drop, numbness and weakness before surgery. I don't think it was brought on by the surgery, but thanks for the info.

    Thanks for the info on yours taking a year. Doctor said it could be three on the leg to heal. Hoping it isn't permanent.

    As for PT, she has avoided that area and I am doing really well. It is relieving my pain.

    Good luck.

    Old 10-10-2004, 12:20 AM   #7
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    Re: Compressed nerves, puking and long recovery

    To Ladybird:

    Still having pain, numbness, weakness in my foot after 1 1/2 years after a lousy back surgery, but the severity is improving. Coming from where I was 1 1/2 years ago, I'm still making progress and thankful for it. At least I'm not loosing ground though I'm sure my back is probably full of scar tissue from whatever the bleep doctor put in my back to block the scans from showing what happened in the surgery.

    I've learned a lot about the importance of lots of calcium and magnesium, and gelatin, condroitin and glucosamine, vitamin B's.

    Both a doctor who started his work as a vet, helping to preserve prized livestock for breeding purposes, and a chinese medicine doctor are pointing to gelatin and being very important for healing back degeneration.

    I also know someone who went on the Atkinson diet and 2 ounces of gelatin a day and their severe sciatic pain, and numbness went away after four months on the diet, after having this pain for years.

    As a result of all this learning I now make lots of meat bone and bean broth, add extra unflavored gelatin and carrots to it, and eat lots of jello (also with additional unflavored gelatin in it). I get the gelatin in bulk at a health food store. It cuts down on the sugar and artificial junk in the jello, adding more of what I need. I take lots of calcium and condroitin and glucosamine every day. (I make sure not to get the cheap calcium carbonate, its just ground up marble and not very good for the body).

    I have to say, something is helping me. Maybe it's all this. I do have trouble keeping it going all the time, but I have to build my back up. I'm also building up my spirit with lots of Bible group meetings and lots of prayer and Bible reading. I found a very special group that practices its beliefs like the first Christians. They're just great. No pastor or emphasis on making money, no church building, just Bible reading and praising and praying for one another. And no weird stuff either. It's refreshing and very uplifting and I've been amazed at what I didn't know before now. It beats worrying about my body or the future, though I have to admit, that still sneaks in more often than I would like.
    Hoping you are doing better as well. Ricebird

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