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hortonhears1 11-03-2004 08:44 PM

Returning to old job
I'm just curious about people who were doing physical labor and if they were able to return after treatment, I deliver bottle water (44 lbs each) and now have 2 herniated cervical disk's and 1 herniated lumbar'. I'm going on 6 weeks out of work (the last 3 on bed rest) and worry if I'll ever be able to return to my old job. my gp won't give me his opinon nor the ortho doc I saw. I go see a neuro doc on monday. I don't even know what is going to be done for my problems yet. It just seems like one worry on top of another.I'm just wondering if anyone had an operation and returned to a physical line of work. Thanks
Art :confused:

mel1977 11-03-2004 09:47 PM

Re: Returning to old job
I was able to return to work with one warning from my dr after my l5-s1 discectomy, to be very careful and use good body mechanics. I listened, but took a new job where I couldn't fully follow the rules. Now I have DDD in l4-s1, plus two small bulges at each of those discs. I have a bulge at c5-6, spondy and loss of lordosis too. I was told by the ortho I first saw-I could not return to that line of work-I basically can't lift ever. I was a CNA by the way. So, for me, no I can't. I really hope this neuro can give you a straight forward answer. Good luck

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